Monday 05/05/2014, 16:56

The recent construction works awakened Kolos and once again havoc rules over Clint City streets.

To be able to keep the construction works going, the Polit asked the GHEIST to lend their MechaKolos to hold Kolos away from town.

A colossal fight is about to begin in the Coliseum, choose your side !

edited by Saga monday 05/05/2014, 16:56

Thursday 08/05/2014, 06:40

@juyaim pm me your budget

Friday 09/05/2014, 22:56

The bp reward is just fine, because you don't have enough clintz doesn't mean the bp prize is bad @juyaim1.

Friday 09/05/2014, 23:27

And again weekend without coliseum smiley

Tuesday 03/06/2014, 07:53

Month without coliseum, lol

Tuesday 03/06/2014, 13:56

Oh UR.


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