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Wednesday 28/03, 08:25

Masters of Battle is a legendary guild that some of you may remember from those banners we ran many years ago. Some of you might have even been former members! We have been around for a very long time since 2008, under the leadership of our all mighty Leader: MrkingPin_MoB (KP). We would love to talk with you and see if you'd be a good fit for our guild. We're looking for active players who are at Level 35 and would love to chat on the forums.


What is the Masters of Battle (MOB) Experience?

+An Amazing a Legendary Guild Founder: MrkingPin_MoB

+ Great and supportive Admins: Dragon11 6, Tsaar-MOB, prive001, RudraRusin

+Mediators who will help you resolve technical issues: Cthulhu_MOB, Rowdy MOB Cr

+Personal coach for MOB Transition: Usually Rowdy MOB Cr
(They will guide you from MOB Novice to MOB Veteran and run you through the basics of the Guild. Expect helpful PMs from them if you need them).

+A Guild with some noteworthy members including: abposse, Steelie_MOB, Bebewoods MOB, Bagadur MOB, Ovelhaoo and more.

+NewBloods on the Guild Bank during their release.

+Access to Kiki Cr, Guru Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Lyse Teria Cr and General Cr in the Guild Bank as well as other cards typically above 75K in market value.

+MOB Forum events to win prizes.

+Exclusive Society experience that is successful for a Guild with less than 50 members

+Shopping Discounts to loyal members.

+Less Members means more in the Guild Bank and easier to manage and help each member

+MOB Pride!

In joining MOB, you can also access the following threads:

1. MOB Directive Portal (A portal connecting MOB and important UR Message boards to keep you up to date).

2. Bonuses Galore! (A collection of your achievements)

3. The New and Improved MOB Market (For shoppers delight)
And much more amazing threads...
*Don`t bother clicking them if you are not an MOB member
(They should not work if you have not joined us).

What are you waiting for? Wanna join MOB?
Join now! Space is limited!
Here is the most important Guild Link: Masters of Battle

As General Tsaar would say:

Once you are in, please introduce yourself - Introduction to MOB
We are family who respect one another and expect the same from members.

DISCLAIMER: Once you are accepted, be sure to read and follow the ►►►►►GUILD RULES◄◄◄◄◄

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offline Tsaar-MOB Titan Masters of Battle
Thursday 05/04, 16:50

Dear people, i repeat that mob has requirements to join, if you are a lower level you might be an extremely good player but please do meet our level requirements and dont PM us for consideration, also it merely takes a week of regular play to improve your level alot so please show some gameplay. Happy gaming

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Mediator Masters of Battle
Thursday 05/04, 17:03

Iconic first post when the Recruitment Thread came out on June 28 2016:


"Been here for years and got a family like atmosphere! this guild is just ideal for kids, elders, roookies, kings, and slaves lol i am really amazed to be in such a guild and yes this guild also has humour :v xD we were abit down for a while but now we are back and recruiting so if you are level 35 active on boards! this is the guild the level 100+ choose! so get here to learn and experience new adventures"

And this recruitment thread is way past 1200 messages.

Fun Fact: I joined MOB around the time this recruitment thread reached post 372.

Join MOB when you meet the requirements.

Lv 35 in case you forgot!

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