offline HD_BossKilla7 Admin Heaven Destroyer
Thursday 14/12/2017, 11:57

Hi there, Urban Rivals players, The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.

[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y
Butcher Braxton - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Tengu - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Ursula - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Faiza - Polit Arena - Z Palace

Ld cards reloaded:
Kommandon Ld
Dokuja Ld
Yomi Ld
Lianah Ld

Happy gaming to you all!

edited by HD_BossKilla7 thursday 14/12/2017, 11:57

offline quaaaack Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Saturday 16/12/2017, 02:36

Koramail is good dude, its 2 star from allstar..

even if u compare with andy LD,

andy should be 4 pill againts kora mail.. smiley

offline Bagadur Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 08:53

Kommandon Ld is useless now... What have you done smiley

offline Bagadur Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 08:59

Sylvia LD was for the 3-4 round, not Kommandon Ld...

offline batdut5 Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 16/12/2017, 09:35

Sound like next week new blood is going to be awesome with both all star and skeelz getting a op card. At the same time the first new blood in 2018 is also sounding pretty awesome, since resuce is getting a strong card.

But who knows, the new all star card could also be a comic card instead of a new blood card.

offline Turgoyak Colossus Mystical Shadow Team
Monday 18/12/2017, 17:42

Yep, here comes an Ursula-like cool Piranhasmiley

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