offline All Stars MOB Titan Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 17:50

I think this could also benefit other newbies that come to play with us, solving their confusion. (Thanks in advance to those who can help)

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Moderator Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 18:01

Debatable if I may say. I do not play by the norms as I feel it leads to my downfall. I can give you my opinion from experience though.

There were some instances where players were thrown off by my use of Freaks. Most Freaks users pay attention to Round 1 as the Poison itself is a huge lead often in EFC and T1 context. Because of this, it is likely they go play 4-8 Pillz on the safe side.

I particularly do not play heavy in Round 1 as I use Lois Ld and Arturo on the same deck due to heavy Power reduction. This reflects a different playing style where Poison is not the main strategy.

Most Attack manipulators clans play 1 Pillz due to a high Attack achieved in Round 1. Interestingly, when played against Raptors, they bare minimum is usually played. When I play Rowdy Cr or El Mariachi for example, often the opponent feels the Attack is the bare minimum for 1 Pillz, giving more room to manoeuvre.

All Stars, Bangers and other power manipulators play more Pillz. Pay attention to the highest Attack you can achieve in a Round you might get knocked out in if a card is to be played. Very skilled Bangers players from my experience tend to play seeminingly strong plays in Round 1, and often that play is made with the surefire intent of winning Round 2. The main reason is because they can win better when both sides go all out with Pillz.

Just personal opinion. You may disagree with it if you wish to.

offline Yurieu HoA Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Saturday 16/12/2017, 19:00


Each clan has different playstyles regardless of pilling strats.

Generalizing power manip and attack manip clans can often be misleading.

I can try to make a post about this, but it will take some time.

offline RudraRusin Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 19:26

Piranas :- It's a tricky clan to handle.

It's mono deck consist pillz manipulator cards with low damages have to win 2 or more round to register a win and you should be precise with pillz you are using!!!!

In 5 and 4* segment clan have some good cards like surstroming or Lizbeth or dalhia cr but they all are useless against "soa" which is a huge drawback for this clan. This clan lacks cards like ymira or behemoth or serafina.

Conclusion :- you have to be very accurate with the pillz you are using with this clan or you are out of the game just like that.

offline RudraRusin Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 19:45

All star :- Aggressive clan

Its mono deck consist some pretty good cards like Aamir, saki, Mulligan, cardigan, jessie etc. As I said you need to be aggressive with this clan. You can easily register a win with 2 wins as clan consist cards with damage reduction, life gainer and high damage.

In 5 and 4 * section clan still required a impact card although they have some good stuff too like striker lafur crazy Carlo lamar cr. striker has a good winning rate(at least for me).

Conclusion:- you have to be aggressive with this clan if playing in type 1 mode. You have to be back your card with high pill in either first or second round as you can easily register win with 2 round in your pocket!!!

offline RudraRusin Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 20:13

Banger :- stable clan! Playstyle depends on opponent.

It's 2 and 3* section is average. No impact cards like all start but decent one like Dixie randal pearl and tasty taste. I have seen less of them in type 1 can win match by winning 2 rounds. Their ability mostly power damage or pillz related and less of attack , life or poison related.

In 4 and 5* section this clan have some pretty good impact cards like shinobi or beeboy.
They also have decent cards like vermyn n fixit Shannon and etc.

Conclusion :- it's a balanced clan. Consist less attack or life manip card but they compensate this with high power/damage and good pillz manip. You have to play according to your opponents like if you are playing against all star freaks fpc ghiest raptors or jango you can play aggressively but if you are playing with attack manip clan or pirana nightmare or ulua watu then you have to use plizz precisely .

offline RudraRusin Colossus Masters of Battle
Saturday 16/12/2017, 20:31

Fang pi clang :- unpredictable clan(1 ko is possible with multiple card)

In 2 and 3 * section this clan have some good stuff like shifou sando and tenac but lacks impact card. You can ko oppent in 2 rounds as damage is high due to bonus but they have bad run against attack or Power manip clan.

In 4 and 5* they don't have impact cards but they have multiple 1 ko cards like lost hog lao cr or kinjo and Lee long depends on oppent which makes them unpredictable. Their ld gives them some edge though as they are powerfull.

Conclusion :- with this clan either you have to be patient or aggressive. 1 ko is possible with multiple cards makes oppent think and make mistake which is only plus thing for this clan apart from their bonus!!!

offline Rowdy MOB Cr Moderator Masters of Battle
Sunday 17/12/2017, 00:52

@Yurieu, I mentioned the obvious part, but yes different players play the same Clans differently.

I am giving the norms in a beginner's perspective. To be honest, I agree with with you Clans' playing style should not be generalised. For the sake of the player and argument, I am giving an overview on the assumption of a common playing style for a clan.

I feel it is a common misconception to determine playing style based on clan. Playing style should also be determined by the individual cards at hand and the player's experience at dealing with different hands and opponents.

Illustrating the effect of a repeat opponent on playing style:
Here is what I mean by opponents:
For example in T2 Tourney, Nightime

Say I have Poppy Mary, Victor Van Dort, Rowdy Cr and Gibson

My opponent has Blaaster Cr, Dixie, Tasty Tast and Zoe

I play Poppy Mary to 64 Attack (8 Pillz), the opponent Pillz Zoe to 60 Attack (6 Pillz)

While I barely won the Round, the opponent might take into consideration how I played should we face again to be Pillz conscious.

Now assuming there is a chance I get the same opponent.

My hand this time is:
Butcher Braxton, Poppy Mary, Victor Van Dort and Qubik

My Opponent's hand is:
Blaaster Cr, Kreenk Ld Tasty Tast and Zoe

With a relatively similar hand when playing Poppy Mary first, a player who lost against me in the first round might consider playing less or more on the idea I will repeat the same winning strategy of 8 Pillz on Poppy Mary, round 1.

The opponent however could be optimistic to thinking I am changing the number of Pillz based on what cards are in my hand and their hand.

Regardless, it is an example that suggests the opponent and player can try to dictate the other's playing style based on which rounds they win and how they win certain rounds in a match.

offline All Stars MOB Titan Masters of Battle
Sunday 17/12/2017, 15:32

Thanks @everyone, but I am just really lost tbh, I still don't have a specific clan I main, heck I just randomly buy packs and use the cards from there. I'm looking for something that I could truly dedicate to knowing that I really love the clan.

available NaaRcho Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 17/12/2017, 15:38

Honestly, I understand most of you guys are trying to help but everything you say is long, confusing, makes no sense and doesn't help anyone.

It all comes down to finish the match with more life than your opp, that is what you should aim for. It's not about perfect pilling every round or doing complex psychological analysis of your opp, just finish with more life than your opponent. No matter wich clan you're playing, focus on life gaps and win condition, consider wich cards you can let him win the round with and wich cards you can't afford to lose the round with, look for win conditions (plays that guarantee you will win the match), look for your opponent win conditions and try to cover them and at last if there are no win conditions just go for a favourable split. Of course different clans will have different win conditions, but it also depends on your opponent's hand, so there's no "X clan is played this way".

Best advice for a beginner is to start thinking, do the math, analyze the match 1-2 rounds ahead, don't repeat plays just because they worked once or twice and if you face a good player try to learn from his plays and his deckbuilding

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