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Saturday 15/03/2008, 16:59

1 hit ko is probably one of the most annoying yet best ability that a card can have. 1 hit ko means that a card can dealt a mixn of 12 damage to the other player in one round which is most likely a ko if theres no extra life or blockers. ive seen alot of players use cards like Kolos (R) to make 1hko but there is ALOT more cards than that can 1hit too with the help from many others. i created this guild to explain and show you all of the 1hko possibility cards hope it helps you in your future gaming.

standard 1hkos:
three most common 1hko cards are Kinjo (U), Lost Hog (C), and Kolos (R). Kinjo (U) and Lost Hog (C) needs clan bonus to make a 1hko while Kolos (R) is the only one who can 1hko along without the clan bonus. Lost Hog (C) is the only one who can 1hko even against soa. most skilled players can avoid 1hko from these cards so theres no need for me to say more.

alternative 1hkos:
alternative 1hkos is based on a more strategic deck building which needs the help from other clans cards. its a very unusual stratege but most players will not be expected it to happen and thats where you will get them.

the first one is No Nam (C). he seems to be a 7/7 even with clan bonus and fury he can still only deal 11 damag. this is where the helpers come in. Timber (R) from the leaders with a ablilty of team damag +1 which makes every card on his team gets one extra damag. and when partnered with No Nam (C) BOO theres another 1hko killer. only a few people will manage to avoid it but most will just be stunned.

offline Mr-R0B0 Hero TRiNiTY
Sunday 12/07/2009, 20:23

Wot about dacote he only costs about 500 clintz and he can 1hko
very underrated card

offline Island_Breeze Master  
Monday 13/07/2009, 01:22

Ok plz listen all the others a timber fury timber fury just save like im doing right nnow and buy him its my fav and is very good thx im out!

offline Sportzmaster Colossus  
Monday 13/07/2009, 03:00

Well your missing some cards here is the full one hit ko team
Sai San with Timber, clan bonus, and Furry
Sung Tsu with Timber, clan bonus, and Furry
Kinjo with ability and clan bonus
Lost Hog with Furry and Bonus
Dacote with ability and clan bonus
Python with furry, timber, and clan bonus
No Nam with timber, clan bonus, and furry
Hammer with Ability, furry, timber
Lennox with Timber, ability and furry
Jay with furry, ability and Timber
kolos with Furry and Ability

sometimes you can also use Yu Mei for 1hit ko, if you use her right...

offline Naruto2819 Senior  
Monday 27/07/2009, 02:58

1 hit ko can get you about 300 points in a daily with some luck, but otherwise it's pretty much just for fun

offline killerkissy Titan Black Sea Piranas
Monday 27/07/2009, 06:26

Rate my 1HKO deck , i can manage to 2HKO with it too , mono Fang Pi Clang smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 27/07/2009, 07:49

I'm too lazy to check a certain card here that could also make a 1HKO.

But I do know you can have a 1HKO with Dacote! I've won several battles because of his 1HKO!

When I battle an opponent, I usually if I have Dacote with me, and he has a SOA with him.

When it's the right time, I use Dacote to win the game!

But it would be a different story about his bonus: +2 damage, SOA and SOB, and more...



offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Monday 27/07/2009, 08:32


Just a while ago, I had a battle with a new friend, and he used this card with 7 damage.

Yu Mei's bonus: +2 damage was activated.

I had Timber with me, so another bonus for my Yu Mei, +1 damage. So that will be already 10.

I then chose Fury! To make it 12!

So then, I won the first round! And ended it! With Yu Mei's awesome 1HKO! smiley



offline markrowandj Senior  
Thursday 30/07/2009, 09:01

I got kinjo as a 1hko card, and im only lvl 14...... i ace every1 with it in the dark corners room..... by the way how much is the lost hog 1hko card???

offline Simple0313 Novice  
Thursday 30/07/2009, 09:21

Well i feel like i should shed some knowledge about 1hko's . Starting out i thought they were a huge deal. After some time i realized that 1hko's just weren't the best choice.
My advice is yeah they are neat to have and 1 hko will give you some wins early one but don't expect to get too far with them . They only work for a certain amount of time. Here are some tips for those still wanting to use them.

These may seem obvious to some but not to all.

Never go for the 1hko if your opponent has
A. Damage Reduction
B. SOA (Apply's to most except for Dacote who is the opposite)
C. SOB ( Just for Fang Pi Clang and La Junta exc. Dacote)

While it ends the game quickly, it may not be the smartest move to pull your 1hko out the very first round. It can end very badly for you if your opponent knows what they're doing. However there is some strategy that can be pulled out of this move.
A. You can bluff with a 1hko
B. You can put a decent amount of pills but not enough to activate the 1hko with fury. (Example 5 pills)

A. Bluffing can easily draw out your opponents pesky damage reduction / Soa cards. Its important to have good judgement as well. Remember Bluffing doesn't mean no pills. So don't be afraid to put a safety net of 1 or 2 pills.
B. Putting a decent amount can get you a whopping 9-10 damage in if it gets through. if your opponent thinks your going to go for the ko they will waste a nice amont of pills.

offline Master Mic Senior School for Freedom Fighters
Thursday 30/07/2009, 21:52

Which is cheapest. im low on moneysmiley

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