offline ShamedGod Titan  
Monday 19/05/2008, 18:15


1 Ticket = 2500 Clintz
5 tickets = 11,000 Clintz
10 tickets = 20,000 Clintz

Minimum tickets sold = 250

1st Prize an ELO deck:
Z3r0 D34d
(current market value of about 35K)

2nd Prize:
(current Market Value 19k)

3rd Prize:
Vermyn M
(current Market Value 7k)

Grand Prize:
Elya CR, Nahi CR, and Lamar CR
(Current Market Value 135K)

All cards are MAXed (even CRs)

Lottery will be held on June 10th in honor of my sister getting married that Saturday. (Please be understanding if family events over whelm me that week, I assure you that as long as 250 tickets are able to be sold the lottery will go through)

All entries must be collected by June 9th. Please PM me the amount of entries you wish to purchase, once the total reaches above 250 I will sell you a card for the amount of the entry fee. CARD IS YOURS TO KEEP, value of card will be 200 clintz or less. IF YOU REQUEST A CARD VALUE OF CARD WILL BE ADDED TO THE TICKET PRICE!


You will be PMed your numbers, Drawing will be done by a random number generator.

If a Mod is needed to ensure proper payment, verification of prizes in my account, dispersement, or for any reason what so ever they are welcome to contact me.

Legends of America Guild member ( are NOT eligible to buy tickets (see guild forum for details)

offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Monday 19/05/2008, 19:13

What will happpen if you don't sell all 250????????????

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Monday 19/05/2008, 19:43

I will check the math to make sure I am not losing my shirt, and may proceed at my discretion...

offline jesses Senior  
Monday 19/05/2008, 20:08

10 ticket=20,000 clintz
minimun 250
20000 x 25= 500.000 clintz smiley
lottery= 186.000 clintz smiley
it's a little expasive ;D

offline soliuz Imperator  
Monday 19/05/2008, 20:14

250 jeez!? thats insane isnt?

offline Wizzy95 Hero TRiNiTY
Monday 19/05/2008, 20:39

Don't you think 200k+ is too much profit?

offline RG LoA Colossus Legends of America
Monday 19/05/2008, 20:45

I'm thinking of leaving the guild to participate.

j/k smiley

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Tuesday 20/05/2008, 03:57

Oh Woops! I screwed UP on my Math....

I was at work and when I added the cost together and divided it by the entries I took 10 and multiplied it by 250 to get 250 and then subtracted the .05% cost and 200 Clintz per card... So your right I over shot that by like DOUBLE....

SO, I will let you guys decided before I repost this, I can make the entry fees less OR make the minimum 125 tickets.

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Tuesday 20/05/2008, 04:02

The idea of this was really to give new players a chance at something HUGE for cheap. The discount for more tickets was to make sure I could cover cost and not lose my "assets" smiley

offline Puppet01 Senior  
Tuesday 20/05/2008, 05:55

Wow lamar cr is a fav of mine

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