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Author's Note: After a nice break, I decided to go back to writing again. I hope you still like my stuff.

Page 1

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Sharky Burger as Colin and a middle-aged white-haired man (Oliver) in an Armani suit with a passing resemblance to Ed Asner sit across from each other at a table. Colin doesn’t look too pleased being here as the other man takes some stuff out of his briefcase. Above them is a missing children’s poster with Hawkins’s picture on it with the words, “Missing: James Hawkins. Please bring back so he can be properly punished.”

Oliver: I’m glad you could come here, Mr. Cowel.

Colin: You’re welcome, but did you have to pick this—place?

Oliver: I wanted to make sure it one your clanmates wouldn’t be at.

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Page 8

Panel 1: Shot of Perle looking up at Darth as he takes off a blood-soaked pair of surgical gloves he’s wearing. There should be a sinister air about him at all times.

Darth: If you really want something done about it I can help.

Panel 2: Perle’s eyes sparkle with hope as she believes that answer to her problems is finally solved.

Perle: Really? That’s wonderful.

Panel 3: Darth is looking forward to his next kill as he hands her a business card with the Gheist logo on the upper left with his name next to it and a phone number bellow it.

Darth: Just call this number. My middleman will set you up.

Perle: And she’ll be gone for good?

Panel 4: He pantomimes slitting his throat with a finger as his smile becomes quite sinister.

Darth: Exactly.

Panel 5: With a sigh over her desire not to be like her family’s killer, he tosses the card over his shoulder and leaves.

Perle: But…I don’t want to kill her.

Darth: God, you’re dumb.

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Sorry it took a while, my computer was acting up.

Issue 2

Page 1

Panel 1: The panel resembles a TV screen with Uppers logo in the middle with the words “Please stand by” below it.

Announcer: We interrupt the president’s inauguration to bring you this important announcement.

Panel 2: With his usual eagerness, Dorian begins his announcement.

Dorian: I’m Dorian Barris and this is…

Panel 3: The scene pans-out to reveal Dorian standing among hundreds of contestants at Clint City Stadium between the ages of 15 to 28. Frantic cheers fill the area as dreams of stardom fill their heads. Some of the signs read, “Pick me, damnit”, “My mom wants me to be famous”, “Colin’s love slave”.

Dorian: Clint City Idol.

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Page 2

Panel 1: Dorian casually walks along the crowds as if taking a stroll in the park.

Dorian: And we’re here to make Clint City a little more beautiful.

Dorian Thought: Because I’ve seen what some of you look like.

Panel 2: Colin, Priya and Shug King sit in one of the VIP boxes awaiting the contestant at a long table with a big bowl of Choco-Muscles (the bowl has the Choco-Muscles logo on it), each with their own large blue cup of Clint-Cola (which also is labeled). The wall is plastered with various logos from different sponsors that have agreed to this. Priya is the only one that is sincerely happily and anticipating the contestants while Colin looks bored as he tries to balance a pencil on its point with a look that reads, “fine, bring the losers in.” Shug King is too busy trying to balance his checkbook to really care.

Dorian Caption: But we’re not doing it alone, we have our own esteemed panel of judges who will help us along.

Panel 3: A singer in her early twenties with long, flowing hair badly rocks out to Foo Fighters’ “I’ll Stick Around” and forgets the lyrics. Priya has her hands over her ears as she tries to shut her eyes as if it would make the singer go away while Shug King tries not to laugh.

Dorian Caption: Of course no one said it would be easy.

Singer: *singing badly* I thought I knew all it took to bother you, da, da, uh, da, daaaaa. I don’t owe you anything. I don’t owe you anything.

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Panel 4: Colin gives her Simon Cowl-style smackdown while the other two try to be more civil with their critism only to receive and earful of whining from the contestant.

Colin: That was crap.

Singer: But, but…it’s my personal style.

Shug King: Girl, every note sounded the same.

Singer: It’s a simple one!

Priya: And you forgot the lyrics.

Singer: Those aren’t important; it’s the refrain that anyone remembers.

Panel 5: Close-up of Collin as he gives the singer the painful truth with a dead-on stare.

Colin: I got a better idea. Let’s just put this in words you’ll understand: you are a talent less cow who should only open their mouth to put a shotgun in it.

Panel 6: Dorian looks a little creeped-out as the singer cries and screams her mouth out at how unfair the judges are into his microphone.

Dorian Caption: Strike that, it might just be impossible.

Singer: Those judges are idiots. They’re going to be real sorry when I’m a big star and hire a hitman to kill them all.

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Page 3

Panel 1: Oscar walks in dressed in clothes that would be better suited for a teenager in an attempt to make himself look younger and failing. Knowing he won’t be the only person to try this, Colin just rolls his eyes and looks annoyed.

Colin: Oh hell no.

Panel 2: Equally annoyed with what he believes is a stupid rule; Oscar expresses his displeasure. Priya tries to keep things civil by offering her apologies.

Colin: 15 to 26 only.

Oscar: That’s bull. At that young, you don’t have time to develop a style and that’s what Oscar’s got.

Priya: I’m sorry, but those are the rules.

Panel 3: Too bad she keeps talking, not realizing that she almost revealed too much until Shug King slaps his hand over her mouth and tries to fix it.

Priya: Otherwise you guys said they wouldn’t be naïve enough to be con—mph!

Shug King: What my homegirl means is that it’s just easier to get a younger person in the business. You understand, right?

Panel 4: Slyly smiling, Oscar reveals the ace up his sleeve: Simon. The clan lawyer walks in with a briefcase, eager to sue the pants off them.

Oscar: I do, that’s why Oscar brought his lawyer to sue you all for age discrimination.

Panel 5: Colin just gives his own sly look as he secretly pushes a button under the table. Making sure his message of not messing with the Uppers is heard.

Colin: Well Colin brought his killer robots.

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Panel 6: The walls open up, revealing five gun-toting robots from the official comic.

Panel 7: Surrounded by robots and not wanting to be filled with holes, Simon immediately turns tail as Oscar yells at him to get back.

Colin: What do you think of that?

Simon: Uh, you’re on your own, Oscar.

Oscar: Get back here you slimy little coward.

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Your really good at this

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Thanks a lot.

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Page 4

Panel 1: Scene changes to Bodenpower, Fifty, and a few other Bangers gathered around a couch, listening in on a speaker phone conversation Bodenpower is having. Their leader smiles, knowing his plan will work.

Voice: Are you sure?

Bodenpower: Trust me, little sis, it’ll work.

Panel 2: As they keep talking, Fifty bursts in with his own angry little opinion. Bodenpower just slightly turns his gaze toward him, him to shush.

Voice: And Shug?

Bodenpower: He hasn’t seen you since you were five.

Fifty: He’ll pay for screwing us.

Bodenpower: Quiet, Fifty

Panel 3: Scene changes to Laetitia (3rd level evolution) turning off her cell phone, standing in a bathroom. Nervousness wells up a bit inside her as she tries to give herself a mental pep talk.

Laetitia: I got it.

Laetitia Thought: Well girl, you’ve always wanted to be famous.

Panel 4: She’s about to take off her Bangers logo necklace as she leaves the bathroom only to have a loud voice catch her attention.

Laetitia: Let’s just hope Bodenpower ain’t fool’n you about this.

Voice: Don’t “dawg” me you pompous gimp!

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