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Sunday 11/01/2009, 07:24

Author's Note: After a nice break, I decided to go back to writing again. I hope you still like my stuff.

Page 1

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Sharky Burger as Colin and a middle-aged white-haired man (Oliver) in an Armani suit with a passing resemblance to Ed Asner sit across from each other at a table. Colin doesn’t look too pleased being here as the other man takes some stuff out of his briefcase. Above them is a missing children’s poster with Hawkins’s picture on it with the words, “Missing: James Hawkins. Please bring back so he can be properly punished.”

Oliver: I’m glad you could come here, Mr. Cowel.

Colin: You’re welcome, but did you have to pick this—place?

Oliver: I wanted to make sure it one your clanmates wouldn’t be at.

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Friday 27/02/2009, 08:42

Nice story i really like it its a good theme 4 a Ur comic story

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Friday 27/02/2009, 09:41

Thanks. It's going to get even more interesting in the next issue.

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Monday 02/03/2009, 11:50

Issue 3

Page 1

Panel 1: Perle rests the side of her head against the rim of a toilet, still feeling the last fleeting moments of a hangover. Kawan stands by her with a suit box in his left arm, while still concerned for her he gives her a serious look, knowing that her problem needs to end soon.

Kawan: You done yet?

Perle: Just a second, the room’s still spinning.

Panel 2: Kawan helps pull her up from the toilet as she stumbles a bit as she gets up.

Kawan: You can’t keep doing this to yourself.

Perle: I know. But what am I supposed to do?

Panel 3: Shot of Perle being handed the box as she looks inside it, a little surprised at what’s inside.

Kawan: Put this on and meet me in the backyard.

Panel 4: Perle arrives at the backyard, wearing a black and purple Sailor Scout uniform with a bat-shaped jewel in the tiara as she calls out for him.

Perle: Kawan? Are you here?

Panel 5: Kawan lands in front of her wearing his 2nd level costume, flashing a heroic pose.

Kawan: Hee-ya!

Panel 6: Perle giggles as he does another heroic pose, announcing their new adventure.

Kawan: It is I, Cosplay Man! Your loyal sidekick for this daring adventure.

Perle: *giggle*

Panel 7: She thinks for a bit as a realization comes to her which leads Kawan to whine a bit since there’s no way in Hell he’ll do it.

Perle: But wouldn’t it make more sense to be Tuxedo Mask?

Kawan: But he’s gay.

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Wednesday 04/03/2009, 05:45

Page 2

Panel 1: Getting back to business, Kawan adjusts his outfit.

Kawan: All kidding aside, you really need to get this monkey off your back. And the only way is to face it.

Panel 2: Kawan points to several life-size cardboard figures scattered around the yard. All of them are Amy-version of different villainesses: Lelena, the stepmother from Snow White, Lyse Teria, Lady MacBeth, and Lilith.

Kawan: So I brought her here.

Panel 3: Handing her a matching wand with the Junkz logo for the head, Perle gives a look of determination, ready to pummel her opponent.

Kawan: You ready Sailor Junkz?

Perle: Definitely.

Panel 4: Perle rushes over, readying her wand to strike her target.

Perle: Yahhhh!

Panel 5: Perle smashes the head off the Amy-Lelena figure with a single hit.

Panel 6: Kicks down the Amy-Stepmother one while jabbing a hole into Amy-Lilith.

Panel 7: Ripping the Amy-Lilith one almost in half as she pulls the wand out with a swipe and hit Amy-Lyse Teria on the rebound.

Panel 8: With the Amy-MacBeth one left, Perle’s eyes turn red as she’s ready to make one more strike.

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Wednesday 11/03/2009, 07:38

Page 3

Panel 1: Perle leeps at the last one with her fingers bared out like claws.

Panel 2: Then rips the throat out of it.

Panel 3: She falls on her knees and starts panting since getting all your anger out can really take a lot out of you as Kawan walks over to her.

Kawan: Got it all out?

Perle: *pant* Just a second…

Panel 4: Getting up, she turns to him and smiles.

Perle: I’m better now.

Panel 5: They hug; Kawan hoping that she’ll finally be over this.

Kawan: So no more monkey?

Perle: No more…

Panel 6: That’s when the reality of what she did in the last issue has come back to her while still hugging.

Perle: Oh no.

Panel 7: Scene changes to Methane sitting at a table after a long, hard day as Riley, Ghiest’s head cook who has an uncanny resemblance to Gordon Ramsey, pours him a beer. Behind them is an open door where Darth can be seen happily (in his own creepy way) with a massive chainsaw under one arm and a bazooka resting over his shoulder.

Caption: Meanwhile…

Methane: Thanks for the beer, Riley.

Panel 8: Methane is about to drink his beer as Riley points to Darth who is carrying an armful of various firearms.

Methane: After spending the last three hours peeling what’s left of Darth’s latest victim off the ceiling I could sure use a drink.

Panel 9: Methane turns and yells at Darth who smiles at the joy of pissing him off.

Methane: You just got to make my life a living Hell don't you?

Darth: Yes I do.

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Wednesday 18/03/2009, 02:41

Page 4

Panel 1: Kawan and Perle are riding in Kawan’s old clunker of a car as she signals him to stop.

Perle: Stop the car!

Panel 2: The car sketches to a halt at a bad section of town as she immediately opens the door and leaps out.

Perle: She’s here, I know it.

Panel 3: Perle leads the way down as Kawan follows her, a little surprised how she know this.

Perle: She comes here every Thursday night to restock her ice cream supply.

Kawan: How do you know this?

Panel 4: Having a bit of a hard time explains this forces Perle to stop. Kawan just sighs at her response, oblivious to Darth’s voice (which is off panel).

Perle: I’ve been, uh, kind of watching her for the last two months.

Kawan: Oh Perle.

Darth: That’s good to know.

Panel 5: Going into Cosplay Man mode, Kawan gets in front of Perle and strikes a defensive pose. Darth simply chuckles at his bravado as he plays with piano wire in his hands.

Darth: It’ll make my job a lot easier.

Kawan: Over my dead body evil-doer!

Darth: Hee, hee. And you look like a fat little sausage in that get up.

Panel 6: Perle holds Kawan back and steps in front of him as she tries to reason with Darth.

Perle: Darth please, just forget about it. I don’t even have the money.

Darth: Oh?

Panel 7: Close-up of Darth as he smiles fully in a very wicked way.

Darth: Then consider this a freebee.

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Thursday 26/03/2009, 05:59

Page 5

Panel 1: Shot of Kawan rushing over to punch Darth in the face.

Panel 2: Which only leads Darth to chuckle at his feeble attempt by catching Kawan’s fist.

Darth: *chuckle* Cute.

Panel 3: With a sadistic smile, Darth turns his wrist with all this might, causing a nice, loud snap that makes him scream in pain. Perle gasps in horror at this cruelty.

Sound FX: SNAP!

Darth: But not good enough.

Kawan: Ahhh!

Panel 4: Close-up of Perle’s eyes glowing and angry red, her fangs becoming more prominent.

Perle Thought: Monster.

Panel 5: Too busy punching Kawan in the face, she prepares to jump Darth from behind.

Panel 6: Successfully attaching herself to his back, Darth is taken by surprise as she wraps her legs around his torso and her arms around his neck.

Perle: You won’t be hurting anyone.

Panel 7: She sinks her fangs right into his neck.

Perle: Anymore.

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Thursday 26/03/2009, 06:00

Page 6

Panel 1: Hating to be on the losing end, Darth struggles to get her off as she drains him. He steps back toward a car as part of his plan.

Darth Though: Must…get this little freak off me…

Panel 2: Now a good distance from the hood of the car, Darth allows himself to fall backwards on the hood of the car, slamming Perle against it. The impact causing her to lose her grip on his body and neck.

Panel 3: Grabbing her throat with one hand, he slams her again causing her to become disoriented. His other hand digs into his jacket to get something.

Panel 4: Just as he pulls out an uzi, a rock hits Darth on the back of the head.

Panel 5: Already tired of seeing him, Darth rolls his eyes as he turns to Kawan with a handful of rocks. The arm with the injured wrist just dangles there.

Darth: You again?

Panel 6: Despite his pain, Kawan tries to give a heroic pose.

Kawan: Of course, justice never fails.

Panel 7: Shot of Darth shooting a few rounds from his uzi.

Darth: Oh shut-up.

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Thursday 26/03/2009, 06:00

Page 7

Panel 1: Kawan tries to dodge the bullets as Darth is very pleased to regain the upper hand, while still chocking Perle (as she desperately attempts to claw at his fingers) with his other one.

Darth: Dance, bitch, dance.

Darth Thought: This might be easier than I thought.

Panel 2: Her consciousness starting to fade, Perle continues her valiant effort to break free while scared for her friend’s life.

Perle Thought: Sorry Kawan…

Panel 3: Out of nowhere, a wooden stake is launched, impaling itself into Darth’s right shoulder blade hard enough to make him let go of both the uzi and Perle’s neck.

Darth: Oww!

Panel 4: Attempting to pry the stake out, Darth is pissed over his work being disturbed as the hand that was once strangling Perle is resting against the car.

Darth: Oh what now?

Panel 5: Another stake is launched, pinning his hand to the hood of the car.

Panel 6: All three of them (Perle tries as she’s still wheezing) turn to see Amy standing ready with a hand full of wooden stakes and a plastic bag with ice cream in it resting by her feet. Her face is calm determined as she makes her demands.

Amy: Move and I’ll crucify you.

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Thursday 26/03/2009, 07:35

Page 8

Panel 1: Refusing to give up, Darth grits his teeth in pain as he tries to reach for his uzi.

Darth: Stay out of this bitch; I’ll deal with you later.

Panel 2: Amy says something off-panel as another stake is launched into his other hand.

Amy: Wrong answer.

Panel 3: Sitting on top of the hood, Perle (whose eyes are now back to normal) looks down at him, little worried for his state. Amy casually cracks her knuckles and stretches after a job well done.

Perle: Is he…

Amy: Don’t worry; I called for back-up.

Panel 4: Moments later, Darth hisses a threat as he is carried away on a stretcher (by Marco and Larry), his wounds quickly bandaged. Kawan’s arm is in a sling as he stands with Amy and Perle. Perle gazes up on the object of her fear and obsession. Though she is scared and angry at her, Perle remembers her manners and thanks Amy for her help and is having a trouble really looking at her. Amy is just sitting on a stoop, eating her ice cream with a spork.

Darth: Second I get out of here, you’re coughing up blood.

Larry: Yeah, yeah she hears ya.

Perle: Uh, thank you, but why did you help us?

Panel 5: Amy just eats her ice cream as if nothing important is going on.

Amy: Because I owed you.

Panel 6: Perle and Kawan look surprised as she sucks on the spork for a bit.

Amy: It’s funny; I don’t usually remember most of my adventures.

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