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Author's Note: After a nice break, I decided to go back to writing again. I hope you still like my stuff.

Page 1

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Sharky Burger as Colin and a middle-aged white-haired man (Oliver) in an Armani suit with a passing resemblance to Ed Asner sit across from each other at a table. Colin doesn’t look too pleased being here as the other man takes some stuff out of his briefcase. Above them is a missing children’s poster with Hawkins’s picture on it with the words, “Missing: James Hawkins. Please bring back so he can be properly punished.”

Oliver: I’m glad you could come here, Mr. Cowel.

Colin: You’re welcome, but did you have to pick this—place?

Oliver: I wanted to make sure it one your clanmates wouldn’t be at.

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Tuesday 14/04/2009, 04:25

Page 9

Panel 1: Amy reminisces as she digs out another spoonful of ice cream.

Amy: After a while you just turn everything off. It keeps you sane, but…

Panel 2: Flashback scene of Amy emotionlessly killing Perle’s mom as she begs for her life as her husband and two sons lie died around her. In the right corner you can see Perle hiding and looking on terror.

Amy Caption: You lose something in the process.

Panel 3: Seeing enough death, Perle’s tear-filled eyes glow red with her fangs bared and her fingers becoming more claw-like.

Perle: No more.

Panel 4: She pounces, nearly hitting Amy as she just barely dodges her attack.

Amy Caption: Then something happens.

Panel 5: Even more tears fall from Perle’s eyes as she slashes blindly at her.

Amy Caption: You wake-up, smell the death around you.

Panel 6: Amy retaliates via a swift kick to the stomach.

Panel 7: Snapping out of her rage, Perle looks up at Amy in fear as she towers over her, about to drive a stake into her.

Panel 8: Coming to an epiphany, Amy stops in her tacks.

Amy Caption: And finally realize how much you suck.

Panel 9: Tossing the stake aside, she turns her back to a confused Perle and leaves.

Amy Caption: And I have you to thank for it.

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Page 10

Panel 1: The scene returns to the present as Amy casually puts the lid back on her ice cream. Something about this doesn’t quite click with Kawan.

Kawan: You sure don’t seem that upset about it.

Amy: Who says I’m not?

Panel 2: Amy looks a little regretful in her subtle way as she puts the ice cream back in its bag.

Amy: I can’t change the past and I really don’t want to try so I decided to sit back and let your little outburst take its course.

Panel 3: A bit of anger burns inside Perle as she watches Amy get up.

Amy: Didn’t think you’d go this far, but maybe I deserved it.

Panel 4: She struggles to remain polite as they watch Amy walk off with her bag.

Amy: Just promise me that you’ll be more careful next time.

Panel 5: Concerned, Kawan turns to her as she shakes with anger.

Kawan: Perle are you alright?

Perle: I…

Panel 6: Unable to contain it for a second longer, Perle starts screaming at the top of her lungs in pure anger at Amy as if she was still there.

Perle: You think that’s going to fix everything?! That your dodgy little apology is going to make me forget about my family? I’ll never see them again just because you didn’t think we had any feelings you fascist monster!

Panel 7: Her rage intensifies to the point that she’s shaking.

Perle: Because nothing you do will ever make me forgive you!

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Panel 8: Getting her anger out, sadness begins to overwhelm her as she’s still shaking as she wipes her tears.

Perle: I just…

Panel 9: The damn finally breaks as she throws herself at Kawan and sobs into his chest. Kawan protectively hugs her, allowing her to let it all out.

Perle: God, I miss them so much.

Kawan: It’s finally over, Perle, it’s finally over.

Caption: To be continued…

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Tuesday 14/04/2009, 04:28


Page 1

Panel 1: Laetitia (with her wig on) stands with Teddy and the other eight finalists as she gives Collin a piece of her mind about the stupid song they have to do. They’re all at Clint City Beach, wearing Victorian era swimsuits, holding bags of Choco-Muscles as the film crew waits for them.

Laetitia: Out of all the dumb crap we’ve had to do, this is the worst.

Panel 2: Collin just rolls his eyes as he reminds them of their contract and tries not to let her harping annoy him.

Collin: Remember, you all signed a contract.

Laetitia: I know, but does every group song we do have to be a commercial?

Contestants: Yeah!

Panel 3: Her support becomes even more ecstatic seeing that they might have a chance to get out of this as she keeps talking and Collin signals one of the crew members to get something.

Laetitia: Sure it’s corporate music, but can’t we have a little dignity?

Teddy: Right on!

Panel 4: Laetitia gives a confident look as it seems that Collin might actually be listening to reason.

Collin: Very well then you don’t have to do the song.

Leatitia: Good.

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Panel 5: Collin just looks at them slyly and twists the knife upon them as the crewman returns with a box of adult diapers labeled, “Soakies”. This snaps everyone into order as they begin singing the Choco-Muscles jingle, ready to get back to work.

Collin: You can all just wear these Soakies adult diapers outside your pants then.

Laetitia and Contestants: *singing* Choco-Muscles really rule, the All Stars can all go a drool.

Panel 6: With that annoying little task done, Laetitia walks off the set, taking off her wig and wiping her brow. Little does she notice that Fifty is there waiting for her with his arms crossed and a disapproving look.

Laetitia Thought: I sure hope I don’t have to do that again.

Fifty: Well, well, well ain’t it the little sell-out herself.

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Good job

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Thanks. This will be the final issue so wish me luck.

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Page 2

Panel 1: Not in the mood to talk to him she lowers her head, resting her forehead against the tips of her fingers, as if a headache is about to arrive. Just like any moment where The Man is involved, Fifty begins a rant.

Laetitia: What do you want Fifty?

Fifty: Wondering why you’re selling out?

Laetitia: Just because I’m doing as I’m told doesn’t mean I like it.

Fifty: That’s what they all say; you know what The Man can do.

Panel 2: Laetitia rolls her eyes and pantomimes the quotations for The Man part. Fifty objects, pointing his finger at her.

Laetitia: Oh not another one of your conspiracy theories. Which one is it this time? How “The Man” has captured other members of the Wayans family so they can’t take over Hollywood.

Fifty: You that’s true. Why else hasn’t there been a decent Wayans brothers’ production in years?

Panel 3: She tries to reinsure him as he half-believes her as he gets ready to leave. Little do they know, Colin can be seen walking towards them.

Laetitia: Forget it, just trust me on this.

Fifty: Alright, but watch yourself ok?

Panel 4: As Fifty walks off, Colin starts talking to her. She’s a little worried if discovered anything that could blow her cover.

Colin: One of your fans?

Laetitia: Ohhhh, how much did you hear?

Colin: About half of it.

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Panel 5: Colin tries to reinsure her in his own way as Laetitia seems a tad surprised by it.

Colin: Just forget about him. I know his type; they just want the fame and none of the work.

Laetitia: Excuse me?

Colin: In the world of professional music you got to make some sacrifices. Shakira had to dye her hair, Ritchie Valens changed his name, and how many musicians do you know agree to let to let some radio station beep out certain words before playing them?

Panel 6: Not quite buying it, she holds up the wig to illustrate her point. Unphased, Colin just stands his ground about this.

Leatitia: Like this stupid wig and the commercials.

Colin: I didn’t say it would be painless. Just that you have appeal to audience and your sponsors if you want to get anywhere.

Panel 7: Now feeling a little conflicted yet far from ready to buy what he’s say, she just nods and acknowledges it.

Leatitia: Exactly.

Laetitia Thought: Oh great.

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Page 3

Panel 1: Teddy and his mom (who can look anyway you want) are backstage as Teddy is focused on opening a letter in his hands.

Caption: Later that night.

Teddy’s Mom: What’s that, baby?

Teddy: Just something Leatitia gave me.

Panel 2: Close-up of the letter that reads, “Get you and your mom out now.—Laetitia.”

Panel 3: Wearing the stupid wig and a sparkly red dress, Laetitia walks down the stage to where a microphone waits for her as the audience claps at her presence. The stage curtain hiding the band slowly begins to raise a few inches off the ground.

Laetitia Thought: Hope you made the right choice, girl.

Panel 4: Taking the mic in her hands, she begins singing.

Laetitia: *singing* Well I woke up this on the wrong side of the bed and how I got to thinkin’ about all the things you said.

Panel 5: Shocked at her sudden song change, all Collin can do is nervously tug at his collar as Shug King shifts his eyes toward him as he hisses out his displeasure. Also at loss for words, Priya tries to remain positive about it.

The rest of the Uppers (minus Dorian, Jeeves and Zatman) can be seen in the audience as the attendants (Junkz and Bangers members in disguise) start chaining the doors up.

Shug King: You said she was going to sing the theme to Ice Castles.

Colin: I, uh…

Priya: It’s a…nice twist.

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