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Author's Note: After a nice break, I decided to go back to writing again. I hope you still like my stuff.

Page 1

Panel 1: Establishing shot of Sharky Burger as Colin and a middle-aged white-haired man (Oliver) in an Armani suit with a passing resemblance to Ed Asner sit across from each other at a table. Colin doesn’t look too pleased being here as the other man takes some stuff out of his briefcase. Above them is a missing children’s poster with Hawkins’s picture on it with the words, “Missing: James Hawkins. Please bring back so he can be properly punished.”

Oliver: I’m glad you could come here, Mr. Cowel.

Colin: You’re welcome, but did you have to pick this—place?

Oliver: I wanted to make sure it one your clanmates wouldn’t be at.

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Wednesday 13/05/2009, 06:22

Laetitia: *singing* About ordinary people and how they make you sick. And if callin’ names kicks back on you then I hope this does the trick.

Panel 6: The curtain reveals the band replaced with various members of both clans; some playing music while the others are ready to fight. Both Dorian and Zatman are tied and gagged with Nerf balls jabbed in their mouths to a sandbag as they dangle in midair. Laetitia keeps singing, tearing her wig off as Collin desperately presses the button to summon the robots that aren’t coming.

Laetitia: *singing* ‘Cause I’m sick of all your complainin’ about how about how many bills. And I’m sick of all your bitchin’ ‘bout your poodles and your pills. And I just can’t see no humor about your way of life.

Collin: Damn it, Jeeves, where are the robots?

Panel 7: Split panel with the left side showing Laetita (really into the moment) as she points out into the audience and the right showing the control station that Allan and Oliver have taken over with Jeeves unconscious body, giving each other thumbs-up.

Laetitia: *singing* And I think I can do more for you with this here fork and knife.

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Wednesday 13/05/2009, 06:23

Page 4

Panel 1: The ushers start tearing off their disguises in front of the shocked Uppers, ready to kick some ass.

Laetitia: *singing* Eat the rich: There’s only thing that they’re good for. Eat the rich: Take one bite now – come back for more.

Panel 2: Scene changes to Sentinel HQ as they watch the incident on TV. Robin points to the fiasco as he asks Copper something. Their leader just takes it casually while sipping coffee from a mug with the clan logo on it, remembering the crap he went with the robot incident in the official comic.

Robin: Should we stop them?

Copper: In a while.

Laetitia: *singing* Eat the rich: I gotta get this off my chest.

Panel 3: A mix of Uppers are either fighting or running away from the overwhelming force of Junkz and the Bangers. Colin tries to sneak him and his fellow judges out amongst the chaos.

Priya: What about the others?

Collin: They can take care of themselves.

Laetitia: *singing” Eat the rich: Take one bite now and spit out the rest.

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Wednesday 21/09/2011, 15:06

Page 5

Panel 1: Getting separated from Collin, Priya and Shug King are running back stage.

Panel 2: Coming across the ropes and holders leading to their leaders’ sandbag, Priya stops him.

Priya: Wait!

Panel 3: Pointing up at their leaders, she pleads with him (looking all sweet and doe-eyed) to help her but Shug King tries to stand his ground.

Shug King: We don’t have the time.

Priya: Please?

Panel 4: Reluctantly agreeing, he helps her in getting them down.

Shug King: Alright, fine.

Voice: Hold it!

Panel 5: Berserkgirl and Juicy Lord surprise and surround them as they let go of the rope sending their leaders crashing to the floor, knocking their gags out of their mouths. Priya yells back at Berserkgirl, offended at her little comment.

Sound FX: Thud!

Berserkgirl: Paws off that rope, slut.

Priya: I’m not a slut! I’ve only been with one guy.

Panel 6: Slightly disoriented, Dorian is still able to look at his co-leader with a grin and two thumbs up pointing at himself over his accomplishment. Zatman just growls at him.

Zatman: Oh shut-up.

Panel 7: With their attackers being too focused on the rest of his clan, it’s been smooth sailing for Collin as makes his way to an unblocked exit.

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Page 6

Panel 1: Stepping out to freedom, Collin breathes a sigh of relief, barely noticing the shadowy figure waiting for him.

Panel 2: His mood quickly turns to one of displeasure as the figure reveals itself to be Laetitia.

Collin: Oh it’s you.

Laetitia: I guess I have a lot of explaining to do.

Panel 3: Collin growls as he reveals to a surprised Laetitia that he knew of her past.

Collin: Let me guess, your stupid, fame-hating brother put you up to this?

Laetitia: How did you…

Collin: I ran a background check.

Panel 4: Suspicious and not wanting to fall for any lies she holds her ground as Collin’s frustration

Laetitia: Then why didn’t you stop me?

Collin: Because you’re not like the rest of those no-talent thugs. You had the ability to make something out of yourself.

Laetitia: As what? Your clan’s cash cow?

Panel 5: Knowing that he’s been caught on that aspect, Collin is willing to admit this. Dropping her guard a bit, she does have to reluctantly give him credit for one thing.

Collin: For the most part, but I wasn’t lying about the rest.

Laetitia: Well, it was nice to be heard. And I guess fame wasn’t as entirely evil I thought it would be.

Collin: Then why ruin your chances?

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Wednesday 13/05/2009, 06:28

Panel 6: Revealing her inner strength and epiphany about music and fame she gives Collin her answer in a straight forward manner.

Laetitia: Because I couldn’t let you ruin music. I’m not gonna be bought and sold, but I’m not hiding either. I’ll find my own path.

Panel 7: Laetitia walks off, leaving him to ponder things as he makes his make his way toward the still open exit door where Maeva can be seen (with silly string and junk on her) as she rushes toward it.

Panel 8: Slamming the door on her with one hand as if she wasn’t there, he can’t help smiling a bit.

Collin Thought: Actually, it wasn’t that bad.

Caption: The End.

I hope you all enjoyed the ride and I'm glad I got it done before the American Idol season ended so it would be relevant. Stay tuned for the next one, "Bad Karma", which ties up a little plot threat from a few stories back.

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Cant wait for the next one

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Thanks a lot. It'll be a fun ride.

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That was awsome smiley

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