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Wednesday 21/01/2009, 16:10

Openings in games are very important. why this though because if you screw up your opening it could ruin your chances of winning and make it hard to win.

EVO opening- lets start with a bit of history EVO stans for evolution because back in the old days before the lost warehouse this was the play to get xp for the cards. so the combonation is like this 6pillz 0pillz 6pillz despite this being an old tactic this tactic can be still used in the game of Urban-rivals.

advantages- reliable especially with a card like Hawk (R). sets u up for 2hit kos.

disadvantages- if a person plays no pillz u are screwed. if a person does the same thing and wins u will have lost not only pillz but have at big hole in your life. dosen't work against Piranas at all with their annoying pill mulnipulation.

bluff- simply play no pillz

advantages- puts u at an almost certain advantage into the next game. if you play it right can deplete your oppenent of pillz.

disadvantages- can be predicted especially when u have a blocker in your hand. if someone plays 2-4 pillz (e.g Jackie (R) or Hawk (R)) it can considered as a loss.

high powered counterbluffing- playing a high powered card like Hawk (R) at 2pillz.

advantages- catches your oppenent out and makes him lose alot of life for only 2 pillz. if the oppenent pillz out at least u will be at an advantage next round.


offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 17:14

Disadvantages- play a counter high powered bluffs e.g playing 4 pillz. although this is rarely seen in elo it is a common occurence and if it happens you would of lost your best card.

blocker attack- attacking with a blocker. "what are you thinking UM-1984 thts sucidal oh ruler of UM." well my young apprentice blocker attack isn't that sucidal as it may seem.

advantages- its unpredictible. attacking with a card like Winston (C) may look like a bluff to any expirence player however its a chance to get a little sucker punch on your oppenent. it might draw a soa as well as an extra bonus

disadvantages- well lets face it most blockers are weak (except maybe Charlie (U) and gramsktt) and most of the time even a 6pilled Uranus (U) will still get thrashed by a Hawk (R). most blockers don't do a gr8 amount of damage so attacking with Ashley (C) at 6pillz truly is suicidal.

courage opening- attacking with a courage card

advantages- might suck up a soa. usually dosen't require alot of pillz. will make your oppenent at least use pillz to retaliate.

disadvantages- ummmm well despite me saying tht soa won't seemingly be a probelm unfortunely they are. why because it alot of courage cards are heavily effected by soa. e.g Filomena (U) however many expirenced players may think of it as an advantage.

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 17:15

+-life/pillz opening- oh boy its really annoying facing a dhalia/Smokey (C)/ some of the new Jungo when alot of pillz are likely to be used this means your oppenent has a desicion pill or not to pill. around 75% of the time they will pill.

advantages- if played right will result in a win most the time... umm yeah help me out with this one

disadvantages- soa will cease this play. if your oppenent somehow reads the play will screw you up for the duration of the game.

1hit ko- 1hit ko with Kolos (R), Lost Hog (C),Kinjo (U) (see 1hit ko guide)

advantages- finishes the game and can beat noobs quickly if you don't want a long game.

disadvantages- soa,blockers stop it. if predicted you will lose the game.

fake 1hit ko- faking the 1hit ko

advantages- if played right will force a large lump of pillz from your oppenent ensuring an easy victory

disadvantages- if found out will have taken out one of your best cards and will have left you with a hole in your life.

well after tht i need a break plz comment on my guide on openings and wheter its

gd or bad(dermagnus.....)

offline gcttirth Master Fair Tigers
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 17:58

Wow ! Thanks For All Of The Info !!

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 18:41

Thank you gcttirth

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Wednesday 21/01/2009, 19:10

For me:
defensive openings: (damage reducer and high power, cards like yookie, ottavia, burt etc)
for example:
otavia 2-3 pilz

you will not use this type of openings if your opp has card like vickie or kolos because they can deal heavy damage even if you reducetheir damage
or your opp has pillz manipulator, because if they win, they will get back their pillz

this type of opening has lower risk
to create pillz advantage (if your opp use pillz)
or win the battle because your opp don't use sufficient pillz

you cannot use this opening if your opp has many good cards

wall opening:
using card like zatman to make your opp scare and don't use pillz or trying to pile up pillz to win against him
for example: use 1-3 pillz on zatman:

many people don't want to deal with this monster and let him pass through
if your opp try to out pillz him, you still get pillz advantage

experience player know about this and hit zatman with their best card (with small amount of pillz)
many times people will reduce his damage, so don't expect he can always deal 4 damage

attacking with wall:
for example: zatman 4-6 pillz

this type is to deal with opp that has many good cards

if your opp trying to hit with their best card (maybe they will do this because they think zatman is a bluff) your opp will suffer heavy loss

if they don't use their best card, you are the one in disadvantage now

offline gcttirth Master Fair Tigers
Thursday 22/01/2009, 13:44

Are there more ?

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 22/01/2009, 15:48

SOB (defensive) opening: (low stars, low damage)
for example: samantha 1-3 pillz, lea 0 pillz, or flo 1-3 pillz (low stars and only deal 2 damage)

this opening is used when you wan to minimize opp damage and to create pillz advantage
for example: using samantha to block opp + life / damage, and poison
or if your cards has +/- attack, your opp even though they know it's only a defnesive card, they need to use some pillz to beat card like lea or samantha

can't be used if your opp has big card, high damage, or nasty ability for example, jackie (big card), rubie (high damage), sheitane (nasty ability)
not effective if your opp has SOB and higher power than yours

SOA (defensive) opnings:
for example: otakool, graff

to prevent opp big cards, fo example, kolos, copper, alec etc

most likely your opp will try to hit with another card that is not affected by SOA
they know you will not use many pillz (because if you don't have another SOA (one or two) you need to save pillz so you can win against those big cards)

offline thuernman Hero  
Thursday 22/01/2009, 17:45

Sureshot pill openings:
If you are up against an opponent with no high threat cards nor SoA on the table, you can use your Hawkins, Gil or Andsom to make sure that you have a pill advantage (or at least the same amount of pills) after the first round. A Hawkins with 2 pills means that the opponent (without an SoA) will have equal or less to your number of pills if you pill 0, 1 or 2, or 0-3 pills with Andsom or Gil.

A good opener in survivor, where the pill count is even more crucial than in normal games.
You get control of the game, especially if you estimate that your other cards have an advantage over his

Very shallow and predictable, and not useful at all against let's say Sylth, Hawk or Rowdy, for different reasons.

offline XC 1984 Imperator E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 22/01/2009, 20:36

Ty guys for the examples (even though its basically reiterating my openings).

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