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A story about a thirteen year old boy who just wants his life to make sense and break free the bonds of his Christian town and strict mother.

Couldn’t Do It Alone…

Chapter 1: Uncle Rich’s Funeral.

Today was my birthday. It was also the day of my Uncle Rich’s funeral. I hardly knew him. My birthday did not really matter. Despite turning thirteen only happened once and having the pleasure of not wearing a tacky and itchy new suit. My Aunt Gladys had picked it. The moment she saw me within the suit she had tears in her eyes and said I was the splitting image of Uncle Rich. Apparently, it was the same kind of orange plaited suit Uncle Rich used to wear. The moment my Aunt had said that I resembled Uncle Rich in the suit, I had an image of Uncle Rich wearing the same kind of suit in his coffin. I shuddered at the thought, not wanting to resemble a dead person, relative or not.
My mum practically had to drag me on the way to the car to attend the funeral at the town church. I put up a great struggle but eventually gave up. On the way, I kept fiddling with my orange bow tie. The high collar kept on threatening to strangle me and I kept on scratching, which only made the itchiness worse.
“Don’t fiddle with it, Henry,” stated my mother in a disapproving manner as she kept on driving.
Huffing slightly, I crossed my arms in a disgruntled manner and glanced out the window.

(to be continued...)

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(part 70)

Tom seemed not to notice, merely shaking his head as he took another puff of his cig, as if knowing something I had yet to figure out. It made me pissed off to see his condescending knowing look.
“What are you looking at?” I asked in a relatively pissed off tone, which granted, was warranted at the time.
“Nothing, mate. Just a whole lotta nothing,” he merely replied, glancing away from me as he let the smoke billow out from his mouth once more in a sigh. “Just my best friend getting decked by a girl is all.”

The rest of my school day was a blur, a mix of emotions and classes as I merely contemplated what had happened over Lunch. It was not long before the final church bell rang that meant school was over for the day. I was bumped into multiple times but did not have the heart nor energy to mutter an apology or get upset.
I trudged past the foreboding iron gates, certain I’d see them again tomorrow if my mother would not kill me by the time we got home. I was a dead boy walking, my fate certain as I saw the look in my mother’s eyes at my dishevelled clothes and slightly battered face.
The ride home was an eerily silent one once again, like the one after the lighter incident. I had resigned myself to my fate already, it just did not matter as we pulled into our driveway and my mum had gotten out of the car with every movement like erupting thunder to my ears.

(to be continued...)

WARNING: Next part deals with violence towards a child.

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NOTICE: I do not condone cruelty or violence of any sort towards children. This is pure fiction, just to let people know that the next few parts shall be dealing with this.

(part 71)

“Henry, out of the car,” she said in a stern voice, her quivering lip-sticked lower lip seeming to hold back her barely containable rage.
I did not say anything, there was no point anymore. I merely got out as she instructed and walked over to the front door, opening it with uneasy ease. I felt my mother shove me inside from behind as she also entered, shutting our front door behind her afterwards with a slam.

Chapter 6: The Solace Place

I decided not to cause a fuss when my mum was angry at me. I merely went through the motions as at first she berated me and got herself in a fit that made her slouch onto the couch before grabbing the bottle of wine she “secretly misplaced”. It did not take her long to get drunk on the wine, an even more unhappy fate awaiting me as at first she began to cry pitifully then lash out with her acidic tongue at me before backhanding me a few times across my face, possibly imagining I was Dad. I did not react at this, having been used to it from the odd occasion when my mother was drunk. But even I could barely hold back my own tears as the tirade of blows were over as soon as they began and my mum told me to go up to my room to think over what I had done.
I cradled my sore arm to me where one of her blows had hit me on the left arm.

(to be continued...)

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(part 72)

I knew the swelling of a bruise would soon form upon my arm but I exited as quickly as I could from the situation and walked up the steps slowly to my room.
I made it up the stairs eventually. I entered my bedroom, wincing slightly as I began taking off my school uniform and changed into a more casual long-sleeved shirt and jeans to hide my bruised arm and shame. I glanced into my mirror and noticed I still clung my bruised arm to my side in a cradling motion. I forced myself to slowly move it away from my body, my tears overflowing from my eyelids and brushing down my also bruised cheeks. I found myself sobbing in slight intakes of breath from the pain I felt but tried to pull through it. I needed to toughen up, that much was obvious. I also needed to be taller, my mind racing that my insecurity of my height was stemmed from my own inability to stand up for myself because I was so small for my age. I inwardly cursed myself for being such a weakling, even to my own mother. I balled up my fists as tears of pain turned to tears of rage at being so useless the way I am. But, I did nothing.
I just let out a slight sighing whimper as I slowly turned from my mirror and sat upon my bed. My fists began slowly unclenching as I felt my rage subside back into accepting myself as I am and overcome with a self-doubt and loathing that caught in my throat as an inescapable yell that I could not nor dare not utter.

(to be continued...)

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(part 73 )

I lightly brushed away my tears carefully with the sleeve of my right arm, not dwelling upon the pain from my red cheeks from where my mum had backhanded me. I had to be strong. I could not mope in my room forever. It was just suffocating being in here. I slowly stood up and then exited my room, making my way downstairs.
I could hear the drunken sobbing of my mum from the living room. I paid it no heed. Mum was accustomed to fits of crying regularly whilst drunk. I left the house via the front door as quietly as I could, knowing it would not be long before mum passed out into a drunken stupor upon the couch. I grabbed my bike that was sitting lop-sided on our front lawn and started riding it as fast as I was able, ignoring the slight throbbing pain from my left arm and dull ache upon my still red face as the wind whipped around me. There was one place I had to be, one place in Dunsville that always made me forget about my problems. A place only Tom and I knew about. We called it The Solace Place.

(to be continued...)

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(part 74)

I rode my bike throughout the town, all the way through the main street without stopping for anything until I reached the outskirts of Dunsville and came upon my destination. The Solace Place was a high hill that oversaw all of Dunsville, an outcropping hill that was untouched since the town was built. There was hardly much around except dirt and a gravel path that ended at the top of the hillside where a lone sycamore tree stood and a patch of green grass underneath. I had gotten off my bike at the bottom of the hill, leaving it behind as I made my way up. I followed the dirt path until I reached the top and glanced out at the town of Dunsville.
It was around four in the afternoon, the steady breeze making the leaves of the above head tree rustle a soothing sound. I sat down upon the grass, gazing lazily at my left arm, which I had subconsciously cradled back to my body. I decided to ignore it this time, for I have had worse and not just from beatings. Heck, even one time climbing the very tree I was lazing under I had accidentally fallen out of and had badly injured myself. Luckily, Tom was with me on that occasion and had gone to get help. I smiled to myself over this memory, despite my face slightly aching but I didn’t care anymore. I was in The Solace Place. It was a great place where Tom and I could not be bothered by adults or society rules. Here, we are free to have fun, goof off and just be ourselves.

(to be continued...)

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