Friday 17/07/2009, 10:29

The Skeelz have made quite an impression but if they really want a future in the city, now what they must do is strengthen their position and with the new reinforcements headed their way this week that shouldn't be a problem. Alongside Caelus the Academy’s mysterious principal, come five new Skeelz to boost the clan’s numbers: Milton , Anton (, Deebler , Zeke and Damian . Get these characters in the shop’s Action and New Blood packs.

Friday 17/07/2009, 10:42

Caelus is the Leader hmmmmmm hope he is good

Friday 17/07/2009, 10:57

His ability protection make's him strong set's up 2HKO's plenty of Skeels now to make a decent preset, still don't think they'l take over from Uppers, Roots,sentenial or all starts for Elo

Friday 17/07/2009, 11:37

To be honest I am not impressed with the new Skeelz.

Friday 17/07/2009, 11:54

Only Caelus is useful and never against +/- attack clans.

Whats up with Damian? 8/4 Damage=Opp. Damage? Is that going to take Manfred or Jay or Greem out? Dont think so...

Friday 17/07/2009, 12:00

Yea I know.

Friday 17/07/2009, 12:05

I love their artwork though,

Friday 17/07/2009, 12:09

Yeah, Damian is a bit of a let down, considering that Chiara has the same stats and her ability is better and all for one less star too!
Yes, should have made Caelus a 5 power.
Anton is just fodder but still good to see a +pillz in the clan.
The rest are awesome.

As usual and as Hells_Reaper states, their artwork is great and detailed.

Friday 17/07/2009, 12:34

Why is there symbol a 5

Friday 17/07/2009, 12:47

I'm suprised so many people expected a good release, every new clan release has at least one bad release in the first 3 releases, Jungo had it, Piranas had it, Rescue had it. And now Skeelz have it, every clan needs bad cards to flll up the ranks. Or have we forgotten about this?


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