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Wednesday 13/05/2009, 20:12

Panel 1: Don, Edd and Enzo arrive at the captain’s quarters of Bloodh’s ship. Don’s face is stern as he presents a briefcase fill of clintz.

Don: Captain, we’re here to make an offer you can’t refuse.

Panel 2: Running his fingers through the money, Bloodh savors the feel, considering the offer. Tula is by his throne, admiring the money.

Bloodh: Ah, very nice. I think we would work something out.

Panel 3: Done giving his hands their money bath, Bloodh becomes a little more serious as his question strikes a disgusted nerve in Don.

Bloodh: And you’re sure Ghiest won’t mind?

Don: We don’t speak of the dead here. Present company excluded.

Bloodh: No offense taken.

Panel 4: Closing the briefcase, Bloodh is about to make his decision until Tula leans over to him and whispers into his ear.

Bloodh: Very well, I accept your offer.

Panel 5: Find her suggestion rather fun, he throws it in. Tula just giggles, trying not to let her giddiness show.

Bloodh: If you do a little something for us in return. Its Tula’s birthday and she would like it if “the cute one” were to dance at her party.

Tula: *giggle*

Panel 6: Edd sighs and starts removing his jacket until a repulsed Bloodh stops him.

Edd: Fine, I’ll do it

Bloodh: Oh God, not you!

Panel 7: Seizing Enzo’s arm, Tula practically drags him off as he gives a sly smile (a sign that he has trumped him again) to Edd who fumes at him.

Tula: You, handsome. Come on!

Enzo: Bye Edd.

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Thursday 14/05/2009, 03:30

Sharon is gonna pissed off if she knew what happened

offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 14/05/2009, 08:07

Granted that Tula wanted Enzo and not him, Edd's pretty much in the clear.

Page 2

Panel 1: The female Piranahs (including Rhed) start hooting and hollering as Enzo begins dancing for them. Tearing his shirt open, they go into a frenzy holding and stuffing clintz and treasure in their hands. The room is covered with cheap, pirate-themed decorations with Edd and Don sitting in the back eating some cake. Not wanting to see Enzo in any state of underss, Edd has his back turned to them. Still stuck in what had happened in the last few weeks, Don is barely listening to him.

Edd: Just tell me when I can look.

Don: ....

Panel 2: The cheering gets louder as Enzo gives Tula a piggy-back ride and lets her wear his hat. Though she is having the time of her life, swinning his now-discarded shirt over her head; the same cannont be said for the other two Montanas. While Edd's more focused on eating his cake, he give a concerned look to his cousin.

Edd: You ok, Don?

Don: Just didn't think it would get to this.

Panel 3: Still eating, Edd tries to reinsure Don (who gets himself a peice of cake.)

Edd: If it makes you feel better, I never liked those Bond villian rejects anyway.

Don: Yeah, but if I just found out sooner...

Panel 4: Scenes changes to an adandoned warehouse Edd, Gary, and Pino are about to break into. The others gather up some tools from the trunk of Edd's car just Enzo arrives.

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Thursday 14/05/2009, 08:26

NOTE: Added more to panel four.

Panel 4: Scenes changes to an adandoned warehouse Edd, Gary, and Pino are about to break into. The others gather up some tools from the trunk of Edd's car just as Enzo arrives. Having just got out of jail from his arrest in the B-Team saga (offical comic), Edd descides to try and rub it in. But given the unjilted look on Enzo's face the attempt will fail.

Caption: Three weeks ago...*

Caption: *This takes place during "The Music Lesson."

Edd: So how jail?

Enzo: No bad. My cellmate Hugo says he misses you and all the special times you guys had together.

Panel 5: Like every other time, someone (in this case Gary and Pino) has to pull them away as Edd pulls up his sleaves as Enzo signals for him to bring it on.

Edd: Why you little...

Panel 6: Edd grumbles and curses him as Gary starts prying the door open with a crowbar. Seeing this play out a million times with the exact same result, Gary just sighs and tries to give him some advice despite he better judgement.

Edd: Lousy little punk.

Gary: God Edd, how may times to I have to tell you not to talk to him? You never win.

Panel 7: Shot of the door finally open opening up...

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Friday 15/05/2009, 05:47

Page 3

Panel 1: Barely able to keep his anger at Edd over the phone, Don nearly yells as Filomena tunes him out and pours some coffee into some mugs on a silver serving tray with two sandwiches on it. Little does either one know that the doorbell will bring some “delightful” little changes in the next few panels.

Don: What do you mean the place was empty?!

Sound FX: Ding-Dong.

Panel 2: Being the dutiful sibling, shewalks off to get the door. In no mood for Edd’s excuses, Don continues berating him.

Filomena: I’ll get it.

Don: Then do something about it, genius. And don’t come back until you find them.

Panel 3: Shutting the phone off, Don sighs feeling the aura of a quickly worsening day approach him.

Don: How could this get any worse?

Panel 4: Like clockwork, Filomena returns with Veccio who greets Don with his usual displeasure.

Don Thought: Aw damn.

Viccio: Still running the family business to ground, eh Donny?

Panel 5: Filomena snaps at her brother’s equal displeasure at Veccio. Keeping up the sweet old man persona, Veccio just brushes Don’s frustration off.

Don: What are you doing here?

Filomena: Don!

Viccio: Oh I don’t mind. I just wanted to pay my favorite niece and nephew a little visit.

Don Thought: Oh well, at least he’s alone.

Panel 6: Veccio smiles at the future pain he will inflicting as he signals and off-panel person to bring something in. Knowing what it is, Don just grumbles.

Don: Oh not them.

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Saturday 16/05/2009, 05:44

Page 3

Panel 1: Scene changes to the living room now littered with pet carriers. Six fat, pampered cats roam, making a nuisance as Aldo comes in with two more carries.

Aldo: Where do you want these two?

Veccio: Anywhere is fine.

Panel 2: As one of the cats starts turning his favorite chair into its personal scratching post, Don can barely keep his displeasure. Still playing the sweet old man, Veccio replies "innocently."

Don: Did you have to?

Veccino: Come on Donny, you think I'd be so heartless to leave my dear sweet pussy-wussies to some stranger?

Don: I’m sure there’s some nice slaughter house that would love to take them in.

Panel 3: Don receives a sharp slap in the back of the head from Filomena.

Don: Ow!

Panel 4: Rubbing the spot where she smacked him, Don turns to her. But she’s not having one bit of her brother’s rudeness and she gives him the gaze of death.

Don: What was that for?

Filomena: Would it kill you to at least try and be nice to him?

Don: I’m always nice.

Panel 5: Brushing off the animosity, Veccio turns to her and asks for some milk for the cats.

Veccio: Mena would you be a dear and a saucers of milk for my babies?

Filomena: Of course.

Panel 6: Shedding his persona the second her back is turned, Veccio’s mood darkens and his own disapproval of his nephew becomes apparent as he wraps his arm around Don's shoulder and leads him to another room.

Veccio: Because you've got a lot of explaining to do.

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Sunday 17/05/2009, 04:55

Page 5

Panel 1: Veccio’s gaze burns a hole into his nephew as he lays down the law on his reason for coming.

Don: What are you talking about?

Veccino: Don’t play dumb with me, Donny. Your part of the branch profits have been coming up a bit short lately and I want to make sure that my theory of you stashing any of it away isn't true.

Panel 2: Scene changes to Borgira’s casino as Mindy helps herself to some of the money in the registers.

Don Caption: Oh that, I already got that covered. Some two-bit thief from a clan of mutant zoo animals was behind it.

Panel 3: Putting his hand to his chin as the memories of hearing of the strange new clan come back to Veccio. Feeling a little more confident that this will get his uncle off his case, Don signals for Aldo to join them.

Veccio: Jungo, right? Lyse Teria sent me a few news clipping on them.

Don: And I’ve already got someone to handling it.

Panel 4: Just then Don’s hopes of proving himself are dashed as he places his hand on Aldo’s shoulder and he proudly begins talking.

Don: Isn’t that right, Aldo?

Aldo: Not any more.

Panel 5: Grititing his teeth, Don fights the urge to bash Aldo's skull as he keeps talking.

Don: What do you mean “not any more?”

Aldo: Because she didn’t do it.

Panel 6: Flashback of Aldo in Jungo turf as dutifully searches for her.

Aldo: Believe me; I chased her down and everything.

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Monday 18/05/2009, 09:24

Page 6

Panel 1: Having lost her trail, Flashback-Aldo takes out an old zoo map to find his way back as a flirty voice (with hearts around the word balloon) calls out to him.

Voice: Hey sweetie.

Panel 2: Turning his head, a sexy mermaid-like creature (named Trixie) with the colors and markings of a clownfish leans against the railing of her private aquarium giving him a friendly yet flirty smile. Use to merfolk being fairytales, he is taken a bit back by seeing one in the fleshscales.

Trixie: You looking for someone?

Panel 3: Cautious yet intrigued by her and hoping to get a lead, he walks over to her, trying to keep his professionalism. She just smiles and flicks tail along the surface of the water.

Aldo: Yeah, your little weasel friend.

Trixie: Well, it’s not going to do you any good.

Panel 4: Now right in front of her, Trixie sweetly coos as she takes one of her webbed hands and lifts his chin so they’re face to face. Fighting a battle between his head and his loins, tries not to fall for her charms.

Aldo: And why is that?

Trixie: Because she didn’t do it; she told me so herself.

Aldo: Right and real culprit is some punk in a weasel costume.

Panel 5: With a happy chuckle, she playfully caresses on his cheek. He almost falls for it, when one of his rare moments of insight hits him.

Trixie: *chuckle* Cute and smart, I like that.

Aldo: Thanks…Wait a minute!

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Monday 18/05/2009, 09:24

Panel 6: Thinking he’s caught on to her plan, he angrily points his finger at her. Applying the mock hurt, Trixie burst into tears with her face in her hands.

Aldo: You’re trying to trick me.

Trixie: *sniff* You creep. Are you humans just so blind that you refuse to see the difference between a weasel and a cosplayer? I thought you were different.

Panel 7: His heartstrings properly pulled, Aldo drops his guard and gets out a handkerchief to dry her tears. Trixie just smiles sweetly at his kind gesture.

Aldo: Oh come on, don’t cry. It’s just that I don’t want the rest of my clan thinking I’m stupid or anything. You understand?

Trixie: Oh I do.

Panel 8: Back to the present, Don cannot help to bang his head against the nearest wall as Aldo proudly ends his tale, believing that he has proved his intelligence all while realizing that Veccio comment is less than flattering.

Aldo: So I’ve been searching every costume shop since.

Veccio: You got a real genius here, Donny.

Aldo: Thanks sir.

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Page 7

Panel 1: Gheist’s head chief, Riley, places two slices of red velvet cake with black and red frosting in front of Vladimir and Dr. Saw (who are sitting at a table), awaiting their opinion of his latest masterpiece.

Caption: Meanwhile…

Riley: I want you honest opinion. My staff’s too scared to answer me.

Vladimir: Well you do yell at them.

Riley: Only when they’re being morons.

Panel 2: Throwing any manners out the window Vladimir begins his praise with a fat mouthful of cake. Turning their heads to not look at him or get hit by any stray food, the disgust is apparent on both Riley and Dr. Saw’s faces. The mention of a certain name stops Dr. Saw in his tracks, preventing him from further enjoying his snack.

Vladimir: This is, mmm, good.

Riley: That’s great.

Riley Thought: Note to self: Don’t ask this bloody wanker again.

Vladimir: So what are you guys going to get the boss for his birthday? I hear Vryer’s planning something big.

Dr. Saw: Ehhh, do you have to bring him up?

Panel 3: His resentment over Vryer leads Dr. Saw to stand up and start a dramatic mockery of him, using his hands in the most flamboyant manner possible. Yet totally ignorant that the object of his ridicule can be seen from the distance in the doorway behind him.

Dr. Saw: Stupid jerk. Oh marvel at my vast superiority over you untouched morons. As I savor upon my status as Sigmund’s favorite because I fool myself into believing it’s because of my divine genius.

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