offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 15:19

Enzo has managed to retrieve Edd’s precious jewel, but now, just like Aldo, he’s stuck in the police station. How will the two Montanas get away? Find out now what happens in the latest episode of Clint City Heroes.

offline PL_frostbyte Imperator Pinoy Locals
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 15:52

Congratulations UR another great comic...
although i wish it wasn't the last episode
i kinda lyk the plot the way we get to know more about the UR characters
i hope other clans can have side stories lyk this...

offline -Brook-O_C Titan  
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 15:55

Nice. I liked this one too smiley So everything turned out fine for Enzo. But not that fine for Aldo..smiley

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 16:24

Cameo time! Flyer from the Junkz, Akarta and Smokey from the Piranas, and Crassus from the Freaks, make cameos when being frisked at the 22nd district police station where Enzo and Aldo were being detained.

offline Boysavage Colossus ELITE NATION
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 17:06

I loved that!
enzo looks so cool
no more montana comics awwwww
oh well
loved it
goodluck on next comin UR staff

offline DANYez Imperator  
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 17:27

But why simonsmiley he is the montana judge

offline 0_Maverick Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 18:01

I loved this issue... UR staff have once again proven that there briliant comic writers/makers smiley

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran Open Casket
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 18:02

Their is no way that a judge would precide on the day that a Montana is due in court. Simon just look's like a british judge. just read his profile.

offline DANYez Imperator  
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 18:04

Oh thanks Poison

offline American Dude Colossus  
Wednesday 20/05/2009, 19:26


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