offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:14

Hello all !

Two old hands have just announced they’re leaving the city’s streets to take a well-earned retirement. They are Chikko from the Bangers and the fearsome Vickie from the Montana.
From November 3rd 2008, these characters will no longer be available in the Shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal.

Be careful, sales for these characters have been locked on the Market until next Wednesday. So you'll be able to sell or buy them on Wednesday 10/29/2008.

offline 0UM_Phoenix Guru  
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:17

YES I GOT BOTH!!!!!!!!!

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:36 it will be almighty Vickie and Banger's Chikko that will be the next Crs..

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:38

Vickie already been expected...XD
chikko wow.. it will increase the credits sales..XD

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:40

Chikko huh? Spewing I don't have any doubles of himsmiley

offline TB Bukowski Titan The BeSharps
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:49

So until 3rd of Nov, the cards will be availalble in the packs?

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Monday 27/10/2008, 09:51

vickie.. smiley
I only have one, I'm planning buying her but I forgot.. smiley
I have 11 chikko anyway XD

offline elchew_OC Titan Open Casket
Monday 27/10/2008, 10:09

I'll gladly have a chikko tanto

offline Baronight Imperator X. LycurguS .X
Monday 27/10/2008, 10:31

Anyone can confirm that we can still obtain those Cr in Danger and Cool Attitude pack bfore 3Nov???
sound like good time to try my lucky since i have neither of those card T_T

offline kaneholt_nwnf Guru URBAN MADNESS
Monday 27/10/2008, 10:31

M8 is it in 2 days wedness day or the wk after that??? plz answer and i only gt 1 chikko and 0 vickiesmileysmiley

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