Friday 16/01/2009, 09:50

Now that the city has got used to the Jungo and the other clans have finally accepted they’re a force to be reckoned with, it's time for Ongh – the clan’s undisputed Leader - to step out of the shadows. And he’s not alone. Five new members have joined the clan: Borss, Mindy, Radek, Sylth and Greow.
At last the Jungo have found their Leader! Who can stop them now? How will the other clans react?
Find these Characters in the shop’s New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.

Friday 16/01/2009, 09:57

I wonder what their abilities will be like?

Especially Greow's and Ongh's.

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:08

Oh, hi. These ones are really cool, but not sure the 4-5 stars are as good as the 2-3.

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:37

These cards are great smiley
btw, the biography of the Jungo isnt fixed yet smiley Ongh still isnt hyperlinked

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:44

Hmm.. Ongh is broken?
really, 8/6 -3 opp power min 6 is very hard to beat
virtually around 9/8 (since he has minimum 6, it's very high)
he is like Maciej level 5 with +1 power and +1 damage

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:48

Wow finally Jungo is complete.

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:54

The last 6 cards were ... enough to make up for most of the last cards ... well Jungo is now a serius clan.

Friday 16/01/2009, 10:57

), Mindy (C), Sylth (U) and Ongh are great

Friday 16/01/2009, 11:02

Ongh would still have a hard time with cards like Platinum, Mona, ...

Friday 16/01/2009, 11:19

Ongh? seriously?
and you dont want me to compare Jungo to fang pi, the should be kinda on pair with their characters because the bonus is basically the same (heach has their pros and cons) but look at the cards. Fang pi have 3 elo playable cards where 2 are cr and 1 has to be played at lvl 1...


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