Friday 13/02/2009, 09:34

First pirates and now animals… Seeing that the situation in town is starting to get out of hand, the Uppers return to center stage and get ready to make themselves heard. In order to do that, they can now rely on the help of new recruits, Wendel and Oxen. Rather more discreet but just as effective, the Pussycats welcome two new arrivals to their ranks - Effie and Jeyn.
Get these characters in the Action, Danger Packs and New Blood packs.

Friday 13/02/2009, 09:39

Oh, i hate Uppers

Friday 13/02/2009, 09:56

Pussycats needed a 3*

Friday 13/02/2009, 10:02

Yay smiley

Friday 13/02/2009, 10:10

Wendel (R) - 6/2 courage:SOA
Oxen (U) - 7/3 -3 opp life min 5
Effie (U) - 6/2 dmg = opp dmg
Jeyn (C) - 7/4 -3 opp life min 4

Friday 13/02/2009, 10:45

The Uppers return!

Friday 13/02/2009, 11:27

Read the newsletter...whats this abt valentines day love msg?sounds fun...i'll see first if i wanna participate though...>.

Friday 13/02/2009, 13:27

Why are people moanuing bout Wendel.
they all wanted soa and they got it.
ok ok its courage but..............hes a 2 star and since soa is regarded better than sob he is a good one

great with Samantha as the soa/sob team for only 4 stars!!!

Friday 13/02/2009, 14:29

Why so expensive?

Friday 13/02/2009, 14:43

yes, people want SOA
but SOA courage?
I wonder why there is no SOA courage (and now we have it)
why? because
SOA courage means your opp is freely to pair those SOA with another card
since the card only has 6 power, card without ability destroy this card usefulness

after that
when you against Kolos. with SOA courage
you will be in big danger if you don't have another SOA
you only have Wendel as your SOA
your opp move first and they use Kolos
maybe you will say, oh crap, why my SOA is courage based?

since the real SOA will help you
courage SOA is.. kinda sucks..


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