Wednesday 25/03/2009, 11:11

The Rescue mission designed by Team B is not going according to plan. Havok and Chloe fall into Zlatar's hands as the GHEIST is on the verge of showing up. Will our heroes be capable of reversing the course of things and bring Copper back home? Find out by reading this new episode of the Sentinel Stories.

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 11:35

Wait a minute in the start of the B team chapter Kerry was one of the people captured by Zlatar, but on the last 2 pages she's all better, yet the other leader's are not. over all this chapter came at the time of the whole ELO thing.

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 11:57

He's right, here's a pic from the first B-team episode, where Kerry is on the missing persons list smiley

and now she's back, maybe you found the first plothole in the comics, although I felt this comic could have used a bit more in depth plotting smiley

also for some reason when I try to download the entire pdf (in english), I keep getting a 404 file not found

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 13:36

Who's The Bald Guy In The GHEIST?

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 14:00

@darkeagle: i have the same problem
@Ian_Alipio07: i think he is Methane(lvl 1) without his hat

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 15:22

Platinum i think, smiley

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 16:11

Yeah it's Methane

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 16:57

I know!!! smiley

Kerry went on a vacation, without telling anyone.. So everyone thought that she was kidnapped smiley

That solves everything.

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 21:25


Did Vladimir just lose to Svelthlana?

Most dangerous man in town my ass

Wednesday 25/03/2009, 21:26

Who are the people that are holding leaviatonn?


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