Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:00

Bryan and the Ulu Watu's plan, which consists of leading Kolos to the beach, seems to be working, but what will happen once he reaches the water’s edge? Can a bunch of surfers really be trusted to save the city? Find out now in the third episode of Collateral Damage.

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:22

Aw...... why couldn't Yaoi come? Oh, well.....

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:29

Kolos, Tanaraeva, Chad, Mac Hen, Rass.

Cloeh, Havok, Uxoh, Copper, Bryan, cant see, cant see.

Koilos, Strange guy, Tanner, Bryan, copper, Havok, nice girl, Josh

Ninja, Charlie, Josh, Yayoy,Havok, Feelyn

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:54

So I think I saw 3 new characters in that comic? Don't really play Ulu Watu but looks like someone I don't know surfing with Mac Hen and Rass on page 1.

on page 3 you have the hillbilly guy next to Tanner and the surfer girl that Methane is winking at. Now friday needs to hurry up and come so I can buy more credits.

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 10:56

It looks like some new Ulu Watu cards some redhead might be wrong

but I now the guy in the straw hats new I think it might be a Play on one piece Monkey D. luffy. since he looks like a pirate has skull on his arm and Like I said the straw hat.

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:00

Tally Ho! smiley
umm..making whoopee business? lol..smiley
new cards on Friday..smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:05

Poor yayoi smiley

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:20

Was that Chad, or someone else saying "Tallying Ho"? I know there was Mac Hen and Rass there as well.

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:29

Who is the guy beside Tanner

Wednesday 12/03/2008, 11:59

Nice smiley


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