offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 26/11/2008, 14:46


Just as Anger_HM did, you must have discovered our new tool. Click on a player's name and you'll see a menu showing his/her :

- name
- level
- rank
- a link to his/her profile
- an option to add this player in your friendlist
- an option to add this player in your blacklist

Have fun !

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Wednesday 26/11/2008, 22:05

@fraggle thanx for the new tool.. smiley

offline CHR0 Titan  
Wednesday 26/11/2008, 22:07

Yeah This Is Good....

It Makes It All Organized And Its Easier To Add / View / Message Peoples Profiles..

0_o Nice Going UR smiley


offline AmberRed1994 Guru Limit Break
Thursday 27/11/2008, 01:36!

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Thursday 27/11/2008, 02:05

This is a great new tool, it makes browsing the forums a lot more pleasant smiley There is one small drawback though, now that people can add friends straight from the threads there will be a lot more "friend spamming" (random people that add you for no reason).

offline AmberRed1994 Guru Limit Break
Thursday 27/11/2008, 03:28

Yes agreed smiley lol...ah well u can always counter with the blacklist.... oh well its better to have mroe friends though smiley

offline Toxica Legend Open Casket
Thursday 27/11/2008, 03:39

Awwwww, this is definitely going to cut down on my profile views.

offline justin123194 Veteran  
Thursday 27/11/2008, 06:29

well its not worken or im not doin it right
how exactly does it work
just click the name??
that takes ya do the profile
nothen new
hows i do it smileysmileysmiley

offline -Grave Lie- Legend URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 27/11/2008, 08:14

I have seen the future... And it rocks! Here's what I saw on how to improve UR, why not add a tool that when you click the player's profile there would be a pop-up that could take you to that player's guild, profile, add him to your friends list, blacklist him, etc. It's a good idea, right? ... Oh wait, UR already made that. My bad. smiley Shoot, I have to get a refund on this futuresight glasses I just bought. I've been scammed! LOL! smiley

Good job on the new tool! smiley

offline AiR-GeaR-Ikki Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 27/11/2008, 12:42

I just got a question about blacklisting, is it the same as just making it so the person can't contact you or does it do anything else?

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 27/11/2008, 14:29

@air-gear: it's the same. (no contact)

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