Friday 02/01/2009, 10:43

If some of the Clint City clans were hoping the Jungo would just make a brief appearance on the city’s streets before returning to their cages, it looks like they're in for a disappointment. This week sees the arrival of six new combatants to the clan's ranks: Psylo, Somba, Dagouba, Bragh, Scotty and Boohma. The revolution has begun. Who can stop them?
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Friday 02/01/2009, 10:58

Didnt mermaid just did this?

Friday 02/01/2009, 10:59

Announcements are better with links aren't they? smiley

New Jungo cards are out. Am I sensing a Jungo domination in Urban-Rivals soon?


Friday 02/01/2009, 11:07

Gotta admit, Bragh & Scotty are a hit


they will never beat All Stars....pwned too easily since bonus doesnt really help them win the round...... but the 2 cards i mentioned above might be Elo banned... just a prediction.

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:11

You are right about that merm.

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:24

Bragh and Scotty ar e6 and 7 powered ... with not so good effects ... nowhere near ELO ban

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:36

Im sorry about the Bragh part...its just that when i saw people in the forum that its a 6/5 at level 4 i was expecting maybe an 8/7 at level 5....i was too rash...sorwie smiley

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:48

I expected from 6/5 to be 7/6 or 8/5 ... but ... eh it screwed up.

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:49

I like Bragh, with Ambre, he is a 9/9 with +2 life. Thats good. smiley

Friday 02/01/2009, 11:52

They still aren't good enough for elo ban too bad.


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