offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 15:37 now available.


offline Killingshadow Hero  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 15:49


Great now i can delete my un improved decks...thanz smiley

offline Sir-SylntEcho Titan  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 16:20


offline leilaboogie Veteran  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 17:02

Question.. how do you even look at your own public presets? i've never found a link to any list of mine

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Thursday 24/04/2008, 17:50

Thank UR!! I'm waiting for this smiley

offline Shiirk WHP Imperator World Heroes Retired
Thursday 24/04/2008, 17:59

Very good,thanks !

offline pl91 Master URBAN MADNESS
Thursday 24/04/2008, 18:15

A good idea would also be to update our own public presets!i mean just to change some of the cards and improve them!!!!

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 18:43

PI91, that wont be available because then the previous votes & comments would be invalids.
Just delete and recreate one.

offline Fraggle Titan  
Thursday 24/04/2008, 18:44

@leilaboogie: check the dropdown menu at the top of the preset list, you can filter the list.

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