Friday 14/09/2007, 09:38

Two wild-child jet-setters make their debut on the Uppers’ scene: crazy and carefree Janine and her mega-rich, notorious friend Sydney. Meanwhile, the Junkz can now rely on Dash the record dealer and Gibson, who’ll do whatever it takes to get a direct hit of DJ Korr's music into his veins.
All these characters are available from the shop’s New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.

Friday 14/09/2007, 10:01

Awwww lol, i spent all my cred LAST WEEK, smiley
ah well, look forward to seeing there abilities as usual

and huzzah for the Junkzsmileysmileysmiley

Friday 14/09/2007, 10:03

Dash : 6/1 -> Damage=Damage Opp

Friday 14/09/2007, 10:21

Janine : 6/2 -> +1 Life Per Damage

Friday 14/09/2007, 10:55

Won't you admins ever do anything to fix the screwed market?

Friday 14/09/2007, 11:06


Friday 14/09/2007, 11:11

Ow, and another thing... you really won't stop destroying all the whole vampire-ability context until each and every clan have its own +X life per damage, right? there's probably more life per damage than stop ability there...

Friday 14/09/2007, 11:36

It's easy to complaint, too easy.

1) Market can't be fixed is a matter of players, if the prices are that high is because some but them. Offer and demand you know.
2) Don't try to make a bigger thing from this game, is a very very simple game. Too simple indeed, and is is not easy to stick to
topics like vampirism. If they do that you'll complain that the clans are not equally powerful.

Friday 14/09/2007, 11:45

They should add one new ability ! something like courage but opposite, maybe it'll be active only when play second card..
or something like that! yeah, new ability! +1 life per damage is boring

Friday 14/09/2007, 12:04

Gibson : 8/4 -> Stop Opp Bonus


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