Friday 28/09/2007, 09:20

New Pussycats turn up in Clint City, with the arrival of Emma, the disconcerting librarian, and Elly Mae, who’s fresh from the sticks but determined to make it big in the city. Meanwhile, the Roots can now count on the wisdom of Shakra, great fakir and sword sallower, while the Junta can put some order in their ranks with the arrival of Dean, a very thorough hairdresser.
All these characters are now available in the shop’s Action, New Blood and Cool Attitude packs.

Friday 28/09/2007, 10:43

Yay...bad thing is..used up 2 much stars

Friday 28/09/2007, 10:55

DUDE!!! Ella MAE IS UGLY!!!! YUCKK!!!! UGLIEST Pussycats!!!!!!!! smiley

Emma is pretty...but shes silver like the GHEIST girl think both of them are related?

Shakra..well... ex-Freaks or Freaks..their always ugly..except Vassili...and Ironfield...

Dean...hes decent looking

Friday 28/09/2007, 11:25

Thing is like this:

Emma: Courage: attack +12
Elly Mae: Damage +3
Dean: 3 opp power, min 4
Shakra: Stop opp bonus

You can check the new cards here ->

Friday 28/09/2007, 11:38

DUDE!! Shakra............................ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~~yoga? Elly Mae looks better in lvl3 than lvl4..she maybe wearing a bikini but holding a M4..

Friday 28/09/2007, 11:52

No, Shakra is a fakir.

Friday 28/09/2007, 12:13

Which is???? (meaning what is fakir)

Friday 28/09/2007, 12:29

Lots of stop opp bonus lately

Friday 28/09/2007, 13:08

Stop opp bonus is one of the best abilities i think..
don't really like the + x lives and + damages...

Friday 28/09/2007, 13:17

In Spain we call faquires (fakirs) to the people who eat swords, walk over fire and sleep/lay on nail beads.


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