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Thursday 03/05/2012, 00:54

One of the most common questions posted by new players on this forum is how to get UR rich quick.

The reality of most games is that in order to get rich quick... you can simply spend real money and buy all the packs you need until you are content with your collection. Easy enough.

The reality for a lot of players is they do not have to funds to be spending a lot (or any money) on a game. No worries though, the gap between people who spend lots of money vs those who spend very little is big only when it comes to UR wealth, but when it comes to gameplay the difference is more than manageable

To give you an idea of how much credits the "veteran" credit using players are using in order to maintain their collection I'll share my personal experience. I am currently at 98% of the collection. The 2% is always the newest cards (12-15 of them) that i dont buy until they are much cheaper. I invest in a few cheaper cards here and there, but for the most part i earn clintz from packs and playing ELO/DT in weeks i am active. And i am able to maintain 98% using anywhere from 60-100 credits every 2 weeks.

If you do are an active player and can afford to buy credits once in a while, then eventually you will see your collection grow, allowing you to play competitively in every format and nearly all events.

However, if you are an active player buy have no funds then you may want some tips on how to earn clintz and credits as fast as possible

Tips will be listed below

offline star brute Imperator  
Thursday 31/01/2013, 09:06

Also be aware of Kate's tax. if a player offers you another price on a character you are selling calculate how much it would cost you. normally you will lose but on a few rare occasions you could actually get more clintz than if you did a public sale.
also try and split up good find's in packs.
for example let's say you got ongh acid dc and wesley in a pack. you could keep ongh and use him to boost your deck or sell him and get a more balanced deck.

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 17/02/2013, 01:47

As somebody who knows a thing or two about the market,the one bit of advice i can give to any aspiring players looking to get rich is to be patient with your investments.

Yes,you may see the 50 copies of a card you bought at 500 clints a head and wonder why it's not at 10k,or 20k yet,but as they say, "rome wasn't built in a day",and the reality is that it may take months or even a year or two for a card to really start taking off,as this has been the case with cards like el gringo(500 when it was in NB,i recall),striker was at 500,yookie/rico at 300,and of course,the most known story of all,the well known legend of alec cr being at 400 clints at one point and his meteoric rise into the 20k territory. And there are dozens of cards who have gone like that,and im sure there were players who believed,and their faith paid off.

That said,(and my other point will tie into this here),is,if you aren't committed or patient,dont invest.It may sound like a cruel and blunt thing to tell someone,but if you think that a few weeks is a good gauge of where a card seems is going to be until you quit,investing may not be your thing.

offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 26/03/2013, 07:59

Hoarding in general is really unhealthy for the economy and the game, but I digress. Almost all cards go up in value over time, it's a simple law of inflation. However, when investing, you have to look at cards that will rise much more due to outside effects such as ELO viability, Cr (you have to be lucky) or simply the new flavor of the metagame. An example is when I bought 100 Shann a few years ago. I sold a couple in her ELO prime (about 2010 if I recall correctly) and made huge, 5-digit profits on each card. For not much time too. If you really don't have the patience to wait, just buy cards that are banned in ELO through weekly voting, and sell when they are unbanned. Simple 30% profit right there in only 1-2 weeks.

offline Segree Senior  
Wednesday 27/03/2013, 21:18

What is a dt deck and what is a a 0xp card?

offline ashjan Imperator the courtyard of shadows
Thursday 25/04/2013, 03:45

How are guild points earned? I might be looking in the wrong place but i cant find any info on this....

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 25/04/2013, 05:21

By playing and completing missions, for the most part.

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Thursday 25/04/2013, 07:10

How much is Kate's tax???

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Thursday 25/04/2013, 08:06


offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 25/04/2013, 08:14

5-3%, depending on the guild bonus.

offline 0 GURU Novice  
Thursday 25/04/2013, 17:13

Oh okay, good I thought it was something crazy like 10-25% for some reason

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