offline xJGirlx Senior ~Respect and Honor~
Thursday 05/07/2012, 18:32

Anyone want to join a friendly guild? Open to anyone?
I'll answer for you...YES!!! Everyone wants to make new friends

As of now,we don't have enough currency to give anything away,but I am hoping we will soon. As soon as we do,we will hold guild tournaments,which we would now,but we won't be giving prizes away. Also if anyone with a lot of cards or clintz that wants to be promoted as an admin and be the designated prize holder,PM me.
Or anyone one want to donate to the "prize safe" that will be on reserve for tourney winners or selected nominees,PM me.
As I said our guild is open to anyone. We really need members right now,so recruit all your friends.
Also,if anyone has any suggestions,please let me know. Whether it's on benefits of the guild or anything at all...just lemme know.
Thank you!!!

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