offline Psychotron_Cj Senior  
Friday 06/07/2012, 04:16

Hello my name is Charles, a.k.a. Psychotron_Cj and I just wanted to say to hello to the community. I am a new player as of this morning and I look forward to challenging and making friends with some of the players out there.
Im very new to this so any knowledge or wisdom is much obliged, thank you. And maybe after some time and experience I might find an active guild to join.

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Friday 06/07/2012, 06:28

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[LFG] = Looking For a Guild


[LFG] + Title
Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.

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