Friday 25/02/2011, 11:15

Fate sometimes takes strange turns in Clint City.
Long before his tentacles grew, Otto used to love eating Karmov’s cotton candy and while visiting the zoo he would linger for hours in front of the walrus enclosure, never guessing that one day Eggman would become the zoo's new keeper!
With regards to Zhu Tang, the Fang Pi with the cursed sword… no, Otto has never run into him and that’s probably just as well!

Thursday 10/03/2011, 15:16

New cards come out tommorrow!!!! Predictions are Bangers (non Ld), La Junta (both those clans are way overdue), GHEIST, and Junkz.

Friday 11/03/2011, 05:27

I am going to guess Freaks (one with a +x life, max. y), a La Junta, Bangers and maybe Sentinel

Friday 11/03/2011, 10:08

A +heal Freaks would actually be quite awesome.
Bangers are definitely overdue.

Friday 11/03/2011, 10:35

A heal Freaks card should be
7/4 Heal 1 max 6


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