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Welcome to Bleusticks Protectors guild!!!

REQUIREMENTS to become members are the following:
1..... Happy Boys and Happy Girls [[[ ONLY Filipinos from different nations ]]]
2..... Level entry: 10.

Birthday of guild: May 26, 2012


KING GALVANOR of small FLYING VILLAGE OF BLEUSTICKS is the valiant among of all.

His journey began when he and his people were held captive by a ruthless demonic conqueror, THE BLACK WITCH OF SHINBOO. A huge number of broomed-minions swarmed to imprison and enslave the king's fellowmen.

After 6 decades of suffering, a coup d'etat happened when the magical pipe-trident of King Galvanor was obtained at the center of the flying land.

A powerful collision of two opposing magic ignited between the people of Bleusticks and the aerial invaders. After the evenly matched battle, the king's 300 defenders against 1,500 enemies had managed to supersede the Black Witch's force.

The magical floating island was finally saved but left almost lifeless. The village exuberantly rejoiced as the remaining coward Shinbooans escaped through a wormhole.

King Galvanor and his 300 fearless fighters are now preparing to counter the Black Witch's next full attack.

Now, the valiant king needs to summon dedicated young fighters.

JOIN and HURRRRRRYYY. Let's protect the Bleusticks village!!!


P.S: Since classes will

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Bleusticks Protectors

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Chapter 2: Leaf Ring; Whirl Esta

While the flying city is still mending, the creator of King Galvanor's enchanted trident, Priestess Plum, hurriedly went down with her hover-board to Neater House on the farthest north of Clint city. She needed to recharge her powers. They was drained by the invaders from the recent torment.

When she reached the place, Neater House protected itself with a release of poisonous spiky icy insects because it didn't recognize her aura anymore. She was attacked. Two stings pierced in her neck. Hazy. She fell down.

For several months of sleep, Tiwi as owner of the house took care of Plum and healed her during her sleep. Thru its telepathy, Tiwi was so apologetic when she woke up.

As soon as she regained her strength, the cute animal gave her a leaf metal ring to negate any draining powers.

Priestess Plum was ready to fly back.

Meanwhile, Bleusticks set out to an ally, Vultura, queen of Whirl Esta. King Galvanor was convincing her to lend their wind warriors to the floating city. They came up with an agreement, a hand-to-hand combat.

Galvanor can't keep up with queen's agility. He received several strikes. Blood everywhere. Vultura was unable to shatter the king's defense despite her speed advantage. The king noticed that she was slowing down. Surprisingly, he managed to grab her legs, spins her strongly, and let her go to a hard-surfaced wall. He won.

The force of Bleusticks Protectors is now supplemented by Whirl Esta.

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Chapter 3: Neater House

Fifteen years back, Willow was greatly wounded and had accidentally lost her little yeti during a battle between Cheill and Psonax.

The cute Tiwi of Cheill clan found himself at the dark woods coated with light green snow. He stumbled upon Neater House and was very reluctant to breach the territory.

"Who are you?" Someone whispered softly from his back. He was startled to see Erren, an ex-Psonax pharmacist, with explosives clamped by her hands. All Tiwi thought she was the enemy.

Erren suddenly detonated the bombs as soon as she saw a little animal drenched in blood. She took him inside for aid.

Back then, He met Plum, a daughter of owner of the healing house. They became playmates and bestfriends.

Just last year, when Plum and her father decided to go back to Bleusticks village, Tiwi was saddened by the impending departure. "Don't worry, I promise I'll come back for you," she said.

The big cute yeti became the current owner of the Neater House after his friends' exodus. He also became responsible for safeguarding the place and the most valued possession of the Neater House, a leaf ring. The building also caters potential healers and psychics for trainings.

At recent time, Priestess Plum was about to follow the place of Bleusticks near a flying land of Whirl Esta when Tiwi called her out. "Wait, Plumerella! you forgot this."

"Thanks, Wee." Then, she had gone.

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(REMINDER: The Bleusticks Protectors Guild is still accepting Filipino Urban-Rivals players only with Level experience of 10 or above.)

Chapter 4: The Joy Bringer - Part 1

While being chained from the peak of Clint city's highest mountain, Whirl Esta had set up a party for soldiers that would soon join the force of Bleusticks against the witches.

During the festive ceremony, bestfriends, Galvanor and Vultura, shared plans for their respective villages.

Both fighters of each floating haven were all delighted of unification.

In that evening, laughs swayed in the atmosphere as Dolphiro entertained everyone in a hall by his comedic acts. That was really fantastic and outrageous show giving them pure joy and good-luck charm for the upcoming battle.

After 84 years on Earth, Dolphiro displayed his final presentation. It was truly magical.

(You will be dearly missed Dolphy, The Philippine's King of Comedy. I'm gonna miss you a lot. Salamat po. Prayers.)

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