offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:16

Hello all,

Most of you must remember that temporary bans have been tested out in August. We are satisfied with the results of this experience, on the whole. Therefore, we’ve decided to definitively implement this system of temporary bans.

The goal of these bans is to offer a more balanced and constantly evolving game environment in ELO. These bans are there to encourage you to use lesser played clans or/and to try left out characters.

The list of weekly temporary banned characters will always be known the week ahead. We created a summing-up page where you will find the ELO bans and the information you need to build your deck. You can reach this page from the ELO ranking page.

Regarding DT penalties, the rule is very simple: only permanently banned characters lead to penalties in DT. It means that neither characters banned because of your votes not temporary ELO bans will penalizing in DT.

These changes will come into effect as of Monday, September 27th.

Have fun !

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:22

Where's the temporary ban list for the week of Sept. 27th?

offline TheTopHat Veteran  
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:24

"We created a summing-up page where you will find the ELO bans and the information you need to build your deck"
does this mean like forcing us to put a specific character to make our deck elo playable?

offline OC_BumbleRoo Guru  
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:26

Sounds good smiley

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:33

So like one week could be Blaaster+Shann banned, next week Blaaster+Bodenpower, then Chlora+Bodenpower, Chlora+Shann and then a new cycle?

offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:37

@Dr Traveler:
You can click on "previous"/"next" to find the week you want.

@0 Jjamppong : eeeerrrrr no... why ?
You'll just have temporary bans each week so you won't be able to use these characters in ELO. There won't be any "Hey guys, this week, I want to see Globumm in all your ELO decks, have fun" smiley

offline geoj Titan <=Chaos-Knights=>
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:39

Cool; the improved clarity of what's banned is appreciated.

offline HighFidelity Titan  
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:50

I have a request for those temporary bans:
can you create a new symbol for the temporary banned characters? it's a bit confusing when you create a deck. it may also be nice to see somewhere in my collection pro when the temporary characters are banned.

but honestly, i'm glad with this changes

offline NeoAC Colossus Time Conquers All
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:54

Excellent. I really enjoyed the August ELO matches, so I'm looking forward to seeing what people will come up with now. smiley

offline Rich Noel Guru  
Thursday 23/09/2010, 16:54

It's a bit messed up, but ok, I did doubt, but ELO proved to be more fun with more bans. And now with a dynamic system, that experience could become even better. And, why is Robb banned by vote for next week on the page, and Lou and Shann are missing? Ok, they could be voted to be kept, but where is Robb?

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