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Thursday 21/06/2012, 12:09

Haven't played Urban Rivals or a long time and forgot everything. smiley
When I go to the public presets, I have the choice of game modes and Deck Formats.

Game Modes: Normal, Elo, Survivor, Event, Deathmatch, and Tourney.

Deck Formats: Type Elo, Standard, Extended, and Extended 25.

Sometimes I see players say "Type 1" and "Type 2" in comments and posts, is that another game type? And what are they considered?

If anyone can explain to me what they are it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for reading my thread.

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Thursday 21/06/2012, 14:42

"Type 1" and "Type 2" are kind of outdated at this point in time. Basically, Type 1 is restricted to a max star count of 25 in your deck while Type 2 is unlimited. Today, they are called "Extended 25" and "Extended", respectively.

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Friday 22/06/2012, 04:37


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