offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 11:26

Although rumors had been flying around for the past few weeks, the news still took many of the city’s inhabitants by surprise. Smokey and Amiral Py have just announced they’re leaving Clint City to set off on a voyage around the world in a boat they did up together. From Wednesday, December 23rd 2009, these characters will no longer be available in the shop’s packs. However, players who already own them can continue to use them as normal. Sales of the two characters on the market will be blocked until the morning of Friday, December 18th.

offline Dregn Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 16:57

Smokey? I am shocked! smiley
Amiral Py - well I am not surprised. I have some copies of him.

offline Rage Titan  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:14

@Mind Gamez...

True enough they do 2 CR Announcements twice a year. However this years announcements was so late that many of the people I've talked to before this announcement wasn't expecting a 2nd announcement for CRs' at all. >

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:16

Wow. usually they target at least 1 card over 15k......this will be a great test for future reference. i hope his price rises as he is an awesome card

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:23

I dont have an amiral py smiley

Oh well, lol

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:48

@Mind Gamez

There is no set number of times a year cards will go CR it's happens to be twice (6 Months about) most of the time. But since the last one was so late everyone thought they would just wait another 6 or more months. And really the update always always comes out on a Monday so if anyone did guess it to be so soon it wouldn't have been mid-week.

offline (((-))) Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:49

Piranas came out after Rescue it took a while for Rescue to get a Cr, now Piranas have one, next came Jungo and then came Skeelz . I Think I should buy the whole Skeelz clan again (own all of them) and buy the whole Jungo Clan now and sit back and wait untill Christmas 2010 and I garantee that the last 2 clans to come out will get Collectors it is common sence that new clans get collectors (sooner or later). So dont be suprised when Jungo and Skeelz get Collectors,

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:55


Sorry then. Also I guess I should pay more attention, never noticed they were always on a monday

@UR-The one
Jungo came before skeelz... they may or may not be next (Depending on how early they do the next release)

offline Milly_tp Colossus THE_POWER
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 17:59

Very good. The UR staff is trying to surprise us with CR announcents now. Hopefully this will end the mindless speculation that floats around..... once again Jackie, Tan, Wee lee did not go.... hopefully players stop listening to con artists trying to get a few cheap clintz thanks to gossip.

offline 0 LUC4_SR Colossus ZĂ©nith
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 18:06

Cool new Cr's.Well every clan should have it at least one Cr.So at moment it would be chase for these two cards.

offline Grey_Wolfe Titan  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 19:07

...well, this certainly comes as a surprise. I wasn't expecting to see cards go CR again so soon after the last pair. Happily I picked up a complete Pirana and complete (excluding prior CRs) Junta set a fair while back smiley

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