offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Friday 19/03/2010, 13:01

If you like the Missions (and a lot of you do), you'll be pleased to know we've just added 92 new ones to the list, which means there are now more than 300 missions available! So, quick, discover these new challenges and increase your mission points. It's time to get back into the ring! To find out more about the Missions, click here.

offline Tuttobuno Novice  
Friday 19/03/2010, 18:21


offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Friday 19/03/2010, 18:38

I like the new addition this page.
I think it's 6 character missions per clan + 5 of them that are like win 1,000 rounds, 5 fight, 15 fights etc

(...Can't believe you made a mission for MC decay, it has to be lose X amount of round with him cause I doubt he'll ever be winning anything)

offline -2F-Bourbon Novice  
Friday 19/03/2010, 19:00

Already noticed that Oscar, Tanaereva, Dorian, Gabrielle have new missions on them. I'm guessing Tanaereva and Dorian KO's, Oscar damage and Gabrielle is either little damage or few round (only 5pts)

offline NM-Legend Novice  
Friday 19/03/2010, 19:15

Some how ur gave me cards again

eg igot a diego now i got a amy for complete that mission again but ididnt

offline Pilluminati Titan URBAN MADNESS
Friday 19/03/2010, 19:34

Im still perplexed as to why i didnt get any missions yet........

offline Zi76 Hero The Cunning Gambit
Friday 19/03/2010, 20:17

I like the new missions and how the cards tell you whether you've done the mission or not.

offline Grey_Wolfe Titan  
Friday 19/03/2010, 20:39

Aww! Still no Mission for Ogoun Kyu! And here I was hoping to face hordes of players trying desperately to complete the goal of "Win 1 Round with Ogoun Kyu" smiley

offline MadMan Rizy Titan URBAN MADNESS
Friday 19/03/2010, 20:45

Gr8 job UR, really thainks for new missions, keep posting more new ones smiley

offline RG LoA Colossus Legends of America
Friday 19/03/2010, 20:51

The wiki is updated. By my best guess, there is an All Stars and a Sentinel secret mission that are not character related. There also may be three other secret missions that are not clan or character related.

Here is the link again for those who don't know:

offline Ycarus DDC Guru Harbingers of Ares
Friday 19/03/2010, 21:29

For those who have done the 250 wins for the clans, all you need to do for your wins to count for the 15 and 125 wins is to:

1. finish a different mission
2. buy a card with a mission

as for those talking about the discrepancy between missions, Fraggle said in the first mission thread that the new missions would take into account the previous "best" completed mission. so if you've done 50 wins but not yet 250 wins, the 125 win counter would take into account your 50 wins.

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