offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:39

A large number of you turned out to vote for Miss Clint City 2010 and you chose the ultra sexy All Stars representative, who finished ahead of Tula and Lucia. So, another big well done to Miss Jessie and thank you all for taking part.
To celebrate her victory, we’ve created a Miss Jessie card that is now available in the shop’s packs.

offline elchew_OC Titan Open Casket
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:41


offline tpu_Renji Veteran  
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:50

6/1 Support +1 life

what a beast...

offline -SKT T1 Faker Senior  
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:51


offline Skullwiel Master URBAN MADNESS
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:53

and she has pretty nice ability too smiley

offline elchew_OC Titan Open Casket
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:53


you can see the art of the card here if you are wondering what the 2nd lvl looks like smiley

offline hacKit Novice  
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:56

She looks awesome

offline Bushidou_PWM Colossus  
Friday 17/09/2010, 11:58

Nice art! I love this card but i have question... Is there a possiibility to make the link to miss or noel cards (just by typing their names) to finally work?

offline Timm1 Imperator aussie crusaders
Friday 17/09/2010, 12:01

Heheh. i voted for aylen ages ago... she should have won.

offline Jyongri Senior Official PoxNora Guild
Friday 17/09/2010, 12:01

HAHAHA i knew it.

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