Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:11

Hello all,

I have a message from Fraggle for you :

«Your comments have been taken into account : we’ve changed the new Deathmatch mode again to make it more interesting for those who want to level up.

The «DM» points Don’t exist any more. From now on the points you’ll get are normal battle points which count in your levelling (they will replace the points you would have had normally). At the end, the bonus of points is added.

All these points are taken into account in rankings.

Have fun»

Thanks Fraggle smiley

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:19

Ok... so does the point giving remains the same? a specific amount for a win and/or lost?

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:27


leveling will be a extremely faster now.. with DMs pumping out 200 bps!

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:29

Ok, i comfirmed that it will, and thankz fraggle and ezube, this game just got much better smiley

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:38

Now we just need a better way to earn clintz.. it is still painfully slow.. haha

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:46

Thanks!!!! smileysmiley

Thursday 06/05/2010, 17:57

Holy DJ Korr Cr!!! smiley

Awesome, THANK YOU! smiley

Thursday 06/05/2010, 18:10

Okay, for those confused.

You will still get 50 DM points for winning a battle, but instead, those points are added to your battle-points as well.

So for losing, you will get 20 DM points AND 20 battle-points.

I think that's right, right? :3

Thursday 06/05/2010, 18:14

No need to call them differently, it's exactly the same thing now.

Thursday 06/05/2010, 18:18


Alright. So, basically, the most battle-points earned in 20 minutes, wins!



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