offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 07/05/2010, 11:48

To come out on top in Clint City, discretion and efficiency sometimes need to be favored over brute force. And the Junta’s new recruit, Nahomi is all too aware of this. Meanwhile the Jungo welcome Wendy while Gertjan joins forces with the Roots and Pesth finds his place on the decks of the Pirana's ship.
Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Action, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.

offline Agito_King Guru D-Versified
Friday 07/05/2010, 11:53

Nice art as usual...
cards look nice (stat wise)

offline Yami Prem Titan  
Friday 07/05/2010, 11:58

This release is good. Thanks. smiley

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Friday 07/05/2010, 11:59


offline Kripton258_PR Hero Persian Rivals
Friday 07/05/2010, 12:07

Great card for jungosmiley

offline TnT_Mathwiz Imperator  
Friday 07/05/2010, 12:10

The new top ELO La Junta deck actually can make it in the meta game now. smiley

offline Poison Ivy89 Veteran  
Friday 07/05/2010, 12:37

I was half right. about the cards!

offline Silverton Legend  
Friday 07/05/2010, 12:55

Best release in awhile. smiley

offline UM_Fnord Titan  
Friday 07/05/2010, 13:01

Wow, all cards are very playable. smiley

offline Nyaruko Master  
Friday 07/05/2010, 13:07

...Wow, does the R&D have something against Fang Pi Clang? Haven't seen them in a long, LONG time now compared to other clans.

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