offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Monday 05/12/2011, 07:24

For new player who dont have a much clintz, building a DT deck is the best place to start. It allows you to play, earn clintz, and build up decks for different formats.

The price of cards have been steadily going up over the months/years. Making a good budget deck that will do well in DTs has become more expensive

a couple of years ago i made this deck budget montana DT... for less than 5000 clintz. It was a regular top 5 deck. It is now a 13000 clintz deck that would not do as well in the current DT meta (due to the Hugo point deduction).

so here is a deck i threw together, and should be good enough to get you 300+ BP per DT and hopefully into the top 10s
Rescuing your Budget for DTs

it is an 8000 clint deck, with lots of ways to make it cheaper (ie. drop Glosh) or a bit pricier (ie. add Elvira).
The key card in the deck is Cliff smiley for obvious reasons


offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 05/12/2011, 12:11

Nice cheapish decks.

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