Thriller - Episode Two

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 10:17

The situation is getting worse by the minute. The zombies invoked by Hel are invading the city’s streets and everyone’s running riot. Will the Sentinels be able to foil Ielena’s plan? Find out now!

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 10:29

Yay... new comic!

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 10:48

Been waiting for this for days!!!

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 11:07

WOOOHOO!!!! AWESOME!! is tat Pam and Luis?

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 11:22

I see one new Sentinel I think the other chick is Rebecca

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 11:42

WOOT! great addition to the comic guys! major props!

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 11:54

Eh.. no new clan? smiley

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 12:29

The unknown Sentinel looks like a two star damage reducer to me since they have him doing crowd control.

I was expecting to see some sort of appearance by Montana this week. I believe Prince Jr. is their last New Blood Character and he looks to fall off this friday.

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 13:25

Where's the unknow Sentinel the only two Sentinel there is are rebbeca and Luis!!

well friday we're gonna have the new clan... or 2 new Montana and any other 2!!

Wednesday 07/05/2008, 13:49

Yeah, i believe that fellow by Rebecca was Luis.
but there were some coloured in folk in the crowd that could have been hints toward a new clan...
two behind Dieter and one by Rebecca.

i'm sure there is still speculation on an undead clan...
but i sense they wouldn't have so much to work from as maybe... Falafel Girl!!!


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