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Message Board : Now you can close your threads yourself!

Message Board : Now you can close your threads yourself!
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 16:56
Euzebe - Legend English

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Message Board : Now you can close your threads yourself!
Euzebe - Legend English - Tuesday 16/02/2010, 16:56

But you cannot reopen them

Have fun!
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Nintendan WMD - Titan - Wise Men Distracted English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 17:00

Now just a edit button for the guild forums and I would be in heaven. Heck even a delete button so I can delete and repost if I said something wrong would be nice.
SadisticCynic - Hero English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 17:06

Great, i don't have to ask for my own threads to be closed anymore. great update
Fraggle - Admin - Clint Staff English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 17:54

The issue with the EDIT button is that it would need re-validation and we think it would be difficult to understand a thread if there is a "hole" in it.
XCap Wild - Titan - E X C A L I B U R English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 18:01

Since we're doing forum talk, is it possible to allow outside links from trusted sites? Youtube or ones you seem worthy?

A lot of topics that refer to images or music use them and the copy/paste is annoying.
Ponchos shirt - Guru - Heaven's Drift English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 18:12

Meh, I doubt we would get that Cap'n.. I think it involves the kids mostly.. I mean Youtube is trusted and safe but if you have someone saying

"Oh hey, check this really funny video out"

and some kid clicking it and it being.. oh who knows, some foul things can be found though.. And then the boy gets scarred and you have ALL of that mental therapy they need to go through..

You know, it just makes a big mess of things.. And when that boy is not out saving the world because he is to busy getting over his "fear of clicking links" it will be on your head.. ON YOUR HEAD!


Oh, and good edit for the threads guys!
Bushidou_PWM - Legend - Polish War Machines English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 18:14

Fraggle: he said edit button for GUILD forum when validation does not exist!
ibtd - Imperator - Die Frettchen English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 18:45

Why is the validation even needed in the first place ? Pretty much every other forum out there does good enough with just having the mods read over what's posted and if necessary edit it.

Also, why do we have the 1500 character limit ? Combined with the validation it is the most annoying part of UR by far.

DukeLifeDeath - Veteran English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 19:17

ROFL @ Ponchos statement. And i agree completely. Too much risk.
jerromy - Master English
Tuesday 16/02/2010, 21:05

Yes i would love that button cause some times i cant understand what i said my self cause my typen stinks when i go to fast.
i been worken on it so dont make fun of me ok

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