offline Garg CR Titan  
Friday 26/02/2010, 10:53

After years of struggle, the Roots have come to the conclusion that they still haven’t achieved their aim. But fortunately, they can now rely on Ojibway and his ancestral magic to lend more weight to their arguments. Meanwhile, with the arrival of Taljion the Piranas have put some order back in their ranks, while the Skeelz welcome Jessica and Thormund joins forces with La Junta.
Get all these characters in the New Blood, Action, Cool Attitude Packs and Danger packs.

offline tpu_Renji Veteran  
Friday 26/02/2010, 10:57

Jessica 4/4 Power = Opponent
Thormund 7/1 Support = Power
Taljion 6/4 Support: +4 Attack
Ojibway: 7/5 -6 Life Min 4

offline TrancaMaans Colossus Magic Island
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:03

Thormund have great art smiley

offline Agito_King Guru D-Versified
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:04

Very interesting...

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:06

Thormund looks promising..smiley
I also like the art, reminds me of some comic artists.

offline Grey_Wolfe Titan  
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:09

Looks like my prediction was right smiley Junta and Piranas got new cards; and nothing new for Freaks, Junkz, GHEIST, Sakrohm, Montana, Uppers or FPC.

Also it looks like Roots finally has a new heavy hitter with Ojibway.

offline emce_wola Imperator 300 deLuxe
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:22

Ojibway - not bad but it won't help Rootz in elo...

offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:27

I love Taljion and Thormund but can I say WOW Still no Fang Pi. smiley

offline Dado Cro Novice  
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:28

I can't believe there is no new FPC. Seriously??

offline Aaye Imperator  
Friday 26/02/2010, 11:37


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