Friday 12/03/2010, 11:08

The streets of Clint City are not exactly known for their peace and quiet but the confusion might just go up a notch or two in the coming days thanks (or due to) this week’s new recruits. The GHEIST welcomes Astrid and her acid-spitting worms, while the Junkz can now count on the fearsome Haze. Meanwhile, the Freaks present Piotr and the Fang Pi Clang see the arrival of Sayura.
Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Action, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:10

YaY!!! smiley

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:14

Whoa new looking art!

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:15

Fang pi yay now people can stop whining

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:24

I had a Sayura... and now can't find her smiley
Where is she?

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:28

Finally! a new card for fang pi!

i like astrid's art!

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:30

Finally a FPC. If it's true she's 6/5 with attack + 8, then she's great for a 3 star. Not better than Nakata, but better than Rei, Yu Mei, Yusuke... Yeah, 6 power is kinda low, but the damage makes up for it. She's a Gatline with 1 less power and can 2hko with Nakata! I guess she won't be used in half decks, but a nice mono option.

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:31

Stop whining? Lol, 6 months without any new FPC, and now we got this?? A common card, with 6 power and +8 attack?? Oh god, FPC is doomed...

Well, maybe in other 6 months we got a good FPC...

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:41

I think FPC is supposed to be the most expensive clan to collect. As a consolation, they've got really great art.

Friday 12/03/2010, 11:45

Who cares use another clan


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