offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:11

Hello all,

Until now, if you wanted to see characters levels after the first one (art, stats and power), you had to own the card, full. We have decided to change this system. Now you could see all levels.
You'll see all levels art in grey if you don't have this character in your collection. You could also see the stats and power.

Of course with this new system you will lose a bit of surprise effect but you'll know the cards better and will be able to chose which one you want to buy to build your deck. It will also prevent fake stats in cards comments.

Have fun

offline CooKIESnCreaM Imperator  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:16

Nice one. smiley

offline St3f Guru  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:17

Great changesmiley

offline -TC_Murty- Master  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:21

Very nice idea thanks smiley

offline JazzyPerry-UM Titan URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:21

Good Job !

offline Ponchos shirt Guru Heaven's Drift
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:24

Thats pretty cool!

Thanks alot! ^.^

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:26

Most people went to fan sites to see the levels anyway so this could save some time.

offline Bushidou_PWM Colossus  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:38

Finally, i should say. It's nice but as Euzebe said a little bit of surpise is lost. I like it.

offline Divine_Light Hero  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 11:46

So does this mean no more looking at presets for new cards stats
all you gotta do is look for the card and it will show you its stats and ability...nice

offline Dr_Bob Senior  
Wednesday 02/09/2009, 12:34

Thus ends the era of ultimate comments.. I do like seeing the pictures though smiley

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