Friday 06/11/2009, 11:12

Craftier, meaner, crueler but also smaller than the original, Mini Mund, the real Sigmund clone, makes his presence felt among the GHEIST. In the face of this significant new recruit, the other clans won’t be outdone. The Ulu Watu welcome Stanly to their ranks, while Glenn joins the Uppers and Pan boosts the Nightmare’s numbers. Get these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude packs.

Friday 06/11/2009, 11:16

Id like to say thank you to UR even if you didnt realise it i came up with a sigmund clone once in a CC contest

Friday 06/11/2009, 11:16

Good cards for good clans!

Friday 06/11/2009, 11:30

Wise you should seek some royalties for that man...just make sure you kept the idea so you can prove it

Friday 06/11/2009, 11:58

I still don't go the idea of giving Ulu Watu another 5*. Stanly is good but... ohhh well. >.>
kudos to the artist of Pan! very great level 1 art. im so impressed by it.
Mini Mund is very situational. With his SOA bonus, he is not that effective. i mean, instead of defeating Striker with your Stop, he will be defeated because your bonus protected your ability. >.>. Overall, not a bad card. But kinda hard to pull off.
Glenn.. dont know about him. Looks decent though.

Friday 06/11/2009, 12:45

Best from this relase: Stanly

8/8 +12 attack! (even though it's confidence)
cool, I really like it and I will use it definetly

Friday 06/11/2009, 12:51

Awesome stuff. Hope the cards don't end up super expensive (don't really have much to spend) smiley
But awesome stuff. Stanly looks promising

Friday 06/11/2009, 12:53

Mini Mund for the win!
hehe, I really like these parody cards.

Friday 06/11/2009, 13:05

Mini Mund made my day smiley

O and Pan's artwork is awesome.

Friday 06/11/2009, 13:17

I prefer Oxen over Glenn.
pay 2 stars to increase 3 damage is not a good deal for me. And unlike a 3 star, 5 stars should not be bounded to be played on 1st round.


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