offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 11/12/2009, 21:02

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Urban Rivals is now available on the App Store... after ONE AND A HALF YEAR!
Free download (of course): or search directly for "urban rivals" on the app store itself.

If you like it, please rate it good and add a good comment smiley

offline Divine Monk Novice  
Tuesday 15/06/2010, 00:12

Bought my iPad today... any timeline for when an HD version of this AWESOME game will be available for the iPad?

offline D34dM45t3R Titan TRiNiTY
Tuesday 15/06/2010, 04:10

I dont have my iphone any more would this work on a droid

offline MaggieMoo_OK Legend Organized Konfusion
Tuesday 15/06/2010, 16:12

Droid would be a huge market to tap into. Hopefully we can see it sooner than later

offline Cardz_DvF Guru D-Versified
Tuesday 15/06/2010, 17:24

I dont have an ipod touch so was wondering does it lag a lot and do you have to have wireless to use it?

Sorry im a newb....smiley

offline BSanders20 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Wednesday 16/06/2010, 06:59

It doesn't lag at all on the iTouch, it just takes a lot longer on the other persons end to wait for you to play, or so I have been told. Yes, you would need a wireless connection to use it. All good we all started off that way.

offline BSanders20 Titan Hip Hop Messiahz
Wednesday 16/06/2010, 07:00

END_mjijm. I think there is a setting to change from English to Spanish language; you might have accidentally changed it.

offline Vhalin Veteran Moogle Mafia
Friday 18/06/2010, 03:10

Is there anyway that this will be coming out for the HTC HD2? For Tmobile? or do you have a contract with iPhone/Att??? I can use this on the website but the webrowser on most phones when tapping to enter pills will cause it to zoom i would imagine the program for the iPhone allows it to work perfectly fine.

offline mcneezy Senior Mythos
Friday 18/06/2010, 08:30

Cool i can play on my sisters phone if she let me which she probably won't but i'm going to beg my mom to buy me one:smiley Sincerly, McNeezy P.S.iI going to facebooksmiley

offline Dexterduck Imperator  
Tuesday 22/06/2010, 19:14

Mixed feelings here: I can see you guys put a lot of effort in developing, but it's not really working for me on my iPhone... I've been timed out now a number of times and that's just really really annoying... That's probably T-mobile's fault (who hold the iphone monopoly in Holland and have a crappy 3G network), but it still really reduces the fun of playing.

Even if I run it on wifi though, it's a lot slower than on the normal version. Which makes DT and DM unplayable.

Any change of you guys creating a " lighter" version?

offline HellspawnPA1 Senior  
Wednesday 30/06/2010, 16:31

How do i get a request token??? pls help me smiley

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