offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 11/04/2008, 09:32

Continuing their offensive, the Bangers welcome two new recruits who are going to bring their rivals out in a cold sweat. Lennox with his impressive physique and Leila, the meanest dancer on the block. But beware, from their secret HQ the GHEIST are also hatching plans and can now rely on the clan’s new reinforcements, Toro and Luba.
Find these characters in the shop’s Cool Attitude, Danger and New Blood packs.

offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 11/04/2008, 09:46


offline Gryazzie Titan  
Friday 11/04/2008, 09:50

Luba=freaking sweet breast...and new artist smiley smiley

offline TnT-SylntEcho Colossus TRiNiTY
Friday 11/04/2008, 09:50

Lennox is a cool card...banger are becoming a powerful clan...

lennox 8/9......smiley

offline 0- invoker Guru  
Friday 11/04/2008, 10:04


offline 0- invoker Guru  
Friday 11/04/2008, 10:11

Lennox 8/9 + timber + fury = 1 hit KO
toru - -3 power min 4..

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Friday 11/04/2008, 10:19

All in all not so great cards. All four cards won't make it into ELO decks imho since they have better counterparts in their clans.

Lennox can't replace Bodenpower because of power issues and Leila can't replace either Vermyn N, Juicy Lord or Saddy. On top, Leila gets eaten alive by any halfway decent SOB card (*cough* Lea *cough*).

Luba looks promising because of her high 7 power and the fact that her ability can't be shutdown except against full stop and against GHEIST or Roots. But she has to fight for her spot with Leviatonn and Bristone. And both of those are more valuable.

The only card out of those 4 that is worth to consider for ELO is Toro, but even he has a very hard time to make it into decks. He has to be compared to Methane when building a deck. GHEIST lacks damage overall and to enable 2-shot combos, they pretty much need Methane and his 7 damage. Toro's 5 damage won't cut it in the end I think. Usually power over damage is the better pick, but in the case of GHEIST I think it is different.

I guess only time will tell if Toros power can make it or if Methanes ability to 2-shot opponents together with Rolph or Leviatonn is the better pick.

All in all the cards don't have the same power levels like we used to see in the last weeks with cards like Buck, Akendram Emeth, Rowdy, Olga or Kolos.

offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 11/04/2008, 12:35

You have to keep in mind that there some clans that don't really need reinforcements but alternatives, 2 of those clans are bangers and gheist, which already have more than decent cards.

for bangers both new cards offer the alternative of higher damage for less power than the existing cards, even if many players prefer more power over more damage that isn't the case for all, I played many decks with 6 power cards like xia leming, windy mor, kenny etc., the bluff factor is very important and can win games just as well as a "power" card

So they are meant to offer an alternative style of playing the clan, not necessarily being clearly better than the older ones... where would we arrive if each week we would make 4 cards that outclass the previous cards in their clans?

for gheist: luba is a decent common card, good power and an ability that can be very useful, protected against stop ability by the bonus. in the worst case she will be something like 7/4 or 7/3 stop ability, which is decent, and in the best case she will be 7/6 - 7/7 stop ability at lvl 3 which is outstanding, so don't underestimate a card until playing it

toro is a great lvl 4 card, easily comparable to ratanah if not a little better in many situations, his ability is protected by the bonus, and a 9/5 at lvl 4 is very decent, maybe more value for the number of stars than rolph.
toro can also be easily compared to blaaster - one of the greatest cards of the game - and he can easily defeat blaaster

offline Tanto89 Titan X. LycurguS .X
Friday 11/04/2008, 12:37

Wow, Luba is my fav now smiley
Leila has decent artwork too (even though her stats sucks)

offline King Trex Cr Hero  
Friday 11/04/2008, 13:41

YAY its bout TIME we got some more Black folk up in clint city

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