offline sakismak43 Novice The Avatar Guild
Monday 09/07/2007, 01:50

selsya cr
all sevon leaders
and more

offline Filth E - WMD Imperator  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 15:21

How much for vansaar?

offline MI Da ELO Don Legend  
Thursday 06/09/2007, 18:44

How much 4 tessa

offline Gone4eva Senior  
Friday 07/09/2007, 10:54

I have now Ambre(R)(R) how much for Vansaar anyway?

offline 0-light Novice  
Friday 07/09/2007, 16:23

I changed my mind i want ambre lower than market price

offline killuminati Senior free will Guild
Monday 01/10/2007, 02:16

Ill buy erika here soon just give me a price and a coup[le days and then ill buy her

offline HAN Pussycat Veteran  
Monday 01/10/2007, 07:38

I want Bridget, but I want to trade. I have many rare cards plz tell me what are you collecting...

offline - james19_UM Guru  
Monday 01/10/2007, 14:44

Do u have uranus?Caciope?Corrina?TrinmkkT?? how much??

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Clint City, day.