offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Saturday 19/09/2009, 14:01

More and more lotteries are organized in our community and some are
created to scam players. That's why we need new rules about these events.

Free lotteries :
No problem with these lotteries, they are allowed.
- The organizer must clearly give the list of all prizes he gives
- The organizer must explain in the rules how winners will be chosen
(if a moderator will draw winners or if a moderator knows about this
lottery and is seeing to it)

Donations :
You could ask for donations or agree to receive some BUT ALL cards
MUST be given to the players who joined your lottery.
You must give the list of ALL donations.
It must be clear : the organizer mustn't keep clintz or cards for him/
herself. He/she could be blacklisted or even banned for scam.

Lotteries with entry fee :
It is allowed only if you follow these rules :
- The organizer must explain how the jackpot will be given.
Example : 80% / 20% or 10 x 10% or 50% / 30% / 20%
- The organizer mustn't keep a part of the jackpot for him/herself or
he/she will be blacklisted or even banned for scam.
- The jackpot cannot be used to buy collectors (or even other cards).
The jackpot must be given to players.

Random selection of winners :
I advise you to be honest with random.
Your friends are not supposed to be more lucky than the others.
You could ask a moderator to help you to organize your lottery and do
the draw for you.

Of course, if you are using multiple accounts to win something, all
accounts will be banned.

offline jerromy Hero Legends of the Dark
Wednesday 07/10/2009, 23:09

Ther should be a rule were you dont battle in lotteris but that be smiley for some huh
i think of lottories as like scrach tickest you pay an hope for best lottorie ant realy an battle event is it.smiley

offline Denet0n Master  
Sunday 18/10/2009, 17:37

Can i make a event (when i reach lvl 40) with the name LOSE WIN DONATION LOTTO
1st round you have to loose (1 half from the players who played cant play next round but arent eliminated)

2nd round you have to win (another half from the players who played are disqulified not eliminated)

3rd round DONATION (the rest of the people not disqulified have a free ticket and for every donated card win a ticket more one of them (with more tickets you have more chance to win) wins a CR and after that random players get the cards doneted by the last pretendents to win the CR)
after that 100 % of the jackpot is given to one player after a question asked in the comments

offline Dreamed Master Noir
Monday 19/10/2009, 20:11

What the purpose with an entrance fee ?

offline sixsidedman Titan aussie crusaders
Sunday 06/12/2009, 01:15

These rules should just be built into the lottery set up I suppose, this way there is no way of keeping a percentage stake, the event would random draw itself and automatically distribute all prizes.

I suppose this may already be the plan once the current rules are play tested out and finally decided on.

offline AntiAngel Master  
Tuesday 08/12/2009, 18:08


offline reem2 Novice  
Thursday 10/12/2009, 11:31


offline AllKnowingGod Senior Vicious Salvo
Tuesday 15/12/2009, 23:49

Umm 1 question its a buy they cards and GIVE THEM to ppl or they pay a small fee for a chance at a much higher priced is it a scam if you keep the pot to yourself?? youre helping other members whats so bad about maybe making a little clintz or getting some clintz back so u can make even more events/giveaways/just simply a profit for yourself smiley

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Wednesday 16/12/2009, 01:23

At least I agree with you on THAT
If you get no answer than my answer is, if you're not rich enough to host a lotto then... you're too poor to host a lotto

offline EL NINO1 Senior  
Friday 18/12/2009, 04:11

Wat is dis

offline Ghost Buster6 Senior The Dark Knights
Tuesday 22/12/2009, 21:51

Alot of tournaments I see in this world Called Earth is that the host keeps a little of the money earned, but the rest is distrubited through the winners,and the winners get a prize with the money they earn.

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