offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 24/07/2007, 14:39

Currently the majority of Clintz won in tournaments are given to the top 50 finishers with a significant percentage going to the winner. As more people are participating in the tournaments we want to reward more players. How many people do you think should share most of the Clintz?

150 (of 2% of Clintz for each of the top 5 with 0,1% for the 150th)

250 (of 1,5% of Clintz for each of the top 5 with 0,1% for the 250th)

500 (of 1% of Clintz for each of the top 5 with 0,05% for the 500th)

*Based on my calculations,if the pot is 200,000 clintz
today's based or how clintz are distributed:
1st -5% - 10,000
2nd - 4% - 8000
3rd -3% - 6000
4th and 5th - 2% - 4000
6th - 25th - 1%- 2000
26th - 50th - 0.5% - 1000
The rest is split equally among the remaining players.
if 1st choice will happens(based on 200,000 clintz pot)
1st - 5th - 2% - 4000 clintz
6th - 150th - 200 clintz

if 2nd chioce happens
1st - 5th - 1.5% - 3000 clintz
6th - 250th - 200 clintz

if 3rd choice(this is more "bloody"smiley
1st-5th - 2000 clintz
6th-500th - 100 clintz

I hopes everyone does have a feeling when they reach a certain place in the tournament,good games to all

PS:correct me if wrong with 6th-150th and so on,but i think it is what i understand

offline -Falchion- Imperator  
Thursday 26/07/2007, 20:50

No-one basically would have the motivation to win a tournament in change is made, as it wouldnt matter if you finish 1st or 5th, which is silly. Whoevers placed 1st should always get higher than 5th by a significant margin. Changing the system means that playing a tournament and ranking higher would not result in winning alot of clintz.

Plus say, I can just play one tournament a week for example and win it, then i wouldnt need to play for a week or so because ive got enough clintz for the time being to spend

1f-Tear-Evo, 1300 in one day is still quite alot in one day....

offline Darko EVO Guru  
Thursday 26/07/2007, 22:58

In tournaments and battles i agree that 1300 is not so easy, but playing market is

offline ThunderStorm Imperator  
Friday 27/07/2007, 15:36

I am using same strategy like DerMagus, every time once I manage to collect 100 points, I stop and go do something else. By that time, the guy ranked no 1 already collect few hundred points. Its impossible to squeeze into top 50, so why wasting time to continue playing ?

there is a lot of players coming in to play in the last 30 minutes, and they get same clintz with the guy ranked 51, I think that is unfair.

my suggestion is,

1st - 5th => 4000 clintz
6th - All remaining players => B / T * 196000

where, B = Battle Point you collect in the tournament
T = Total Battle Point (for all player) in the tournament

so, assuming the guy ranked 51, collect 300 Battle Point during that session, he will get,
Clintz rewarded = 300 / 300000 * 196000
= 196

another guy who coming in last minute to play one round and collect 5 Battle Point,
Clintz rewarded = 5 / 300000 * 196000
= 3.27
= 3 (Round to integer)

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