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Wednesday 04/11/2009, 00:29

Due to the growing number of presets created in the English community. It is just fair for us to state the rules that we follow in regards to them.

This is to clarify why we create presets. Lately, alot of presets have been created for these purposes: Auctions, CR predictions, showing off your collections and etc. These are NOT acceptable.

Presets should ONLY be created for one single purpose. That purpose is to propose deck ideas in the community and use the description to specify the strategy behind the deck.

In the comment page, it is expected for the public to give suggestions, comments and reactions about the deck itself. It shouldn't be used for overly spamming (Discussion that are not in anyway, related to the deck idea).

Presets which are not specifically designed for this purpose will be deleted. If offenses were made in the preset, such as insults in comments, inappropriate titles/ideas and etc, sanction will also be given.

By saying this, we are going be more flexible and allow the following aswell:

- Events/challenges/trivia decks

- Themed decks (Such as tribute decks and fun deck formats --- PROVIDED the actual deck is playable. The players can use the description to do the tribute and fun informations BUT they should also add a bit of information about the deck itself)

- Interesting concept decks (Artworks, difficult star limitations and special abilities, and the likes)

offline TnT_MeRm Colossus TRiNiTY
Wednesday 04/11/2009, 00:34

We will not accept:

- No excessive spamming
- No deck show offs because this may lead to arguments between players
- No presets should be created to insult other players or the game in
- No presets should be used for recruitments
- No presets should be use for auctions
- No CR prediction presets

Moderators will assess certain presets and will decide if the preset will be deleted or not based on the above specified information. Though, this doesn't mean that we are going to hunt every preset in the game. We will handle them as we see them.

For any comments, suggestions or violent reactions, please PM me, or any moderators for that matter.


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